The IRS must submit Trump’s tax return to Congress, DoJ says | Donald Trump

On Friday, the US Department of Justice ordered the Internal Revenue Service to hand over Donald Trump’s tax return to the House of Representatives.

The news was Trump’s second blow a few hours later. Release DoJ memo As part of a campaign to overturn Joe Biden’s election defeat, he revealed that he had labeled senior officials as accidentally corrupting the 2020 elections and pressured him to “leave the rest to me.” did.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi praised the Judiciary’s order for the IRS to release Trump’s tax returns to the Commission on Methods and Means.

“Today, the Biden administration has won the rule of law because it respects the public interest by following the chair. [Richard] Neil’s request for Donald Trump’s tax return, “Pelosi said in a statement.

“Access to former President Trump’s tax returns is a national security issue. Americans find out about his annoying conflicts of interest and the weakening of our security and democracy as president. Deserves. “

Presidential candidates are not legally enforced, but traditionally disclose tax returns. When he ran for the White House in 2016, Mr. Trump said they had been audited by the IRS and did not release him during his tenure, and did not attract public attention.

When the Democratic Party ruled the House of Representatives in 2018, they began seeking records in court during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s election interference and the connection between Trump and Moscow.

Trump fought hard to keep his tax returns out of the public eye, but the New York Times got it. Some recordsThis showed that in the years before Trump entered the White House, he paid almost nothing with federal income tax.

In a memo on Friday, the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel said Neil, a Massachusetts General Assembly chairman of the Commission on Methods and Means, “evoked a good reason to request tax information from the former president.” rice field.

Under federal law, the OLC said the Treasury “must provide information to the Commission.”

The 39-page memo was signed by Dawn Johnsonsen, who was established by the Biden administration on behalf of the OLC.

Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he would not file a Trump tax return because he was asked for partisan reasons.

The House’s Method and Means Commission has appealed for records under federal law, which states that the IRS “provides” taxpayer refunds to a small number of top lawmakers. The Commission said Trump’s tax was needed to investigate whether he complied with tax law.

Trump’s Justice Department defended Mnuchin’s refusal, and Trump intervened to prevent materials from being handed over to Congress. Under a court order from January, Trump will challenge within 72 hours after the Biden administration officially changes the government’s position in the proceedings.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has obtained a copy of Trump’s personal and business tax records as part of a criminal investigation.

Trump tried to keep the accountants from handing over the documents and brought the matter to the Supreme Court. The judge rejected Trump’s claim that he had broad immunity as president.

The IRS must submit Trump’s tax return to Congress, DoJ says | Donald Trump

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