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The LA County 5-day average of coronaviruses exceeds 4,000, causing stricter rules – Press Telegram – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2020-11-22 18:08:19 –

Los Angeles County surpassed public health officials’ benchmarks of causing stricter anti-coronavirus business restrictions with 2,718 new infections reported on Sunday, November 22nd. Wineries and bars for takeaway, drive-through, or delivery services.

Sunday statistics pushed the county’s five-day average number of infected cases to 4,097, with 20,487 new cases reported since Wednesday.

Face-to-face meals will not be allowed for at least the next three weeks, officials said. However, wineries and breweries can continue to retail.

Hospitalizations have also increased dramatically, with Sunday being the highest since August at 1,401, a significant increase from the number of hospitalizations per day, which was about 730 a month ago. days.

Under the threshold announced this week in response to the constant surge in incidents, health officials said last week if the county reached an average of more than 4,000 incidents over a five-day period or was hospitalized, restaurants, wineries and breweries. Exceeded 1,750 said it would be closed for direct meals.

If the rise continues, even stricter restrictions are expected. If the county’s average daily number of cases over a five-day period exceeds 4,500, or if hospitalizations exceed 2,000, the county issues a strict curfew. Pandemic. This order allows only essential workers or those who have access to essential services to leave the home.

The county also reported nine more deaths on Sunday. To date, public health has identified 364,520 COVID-19-positive cases in all areas of Los Angeles County, killing a total of 7,43 people.

“Changing the Thanksgiving holiday celebration reminds me of many families who miss their loved ones who died from COVID-19. We send a wish for healing and peace,” said Barbara Ferrer, director of public health. Said. “The high number of cases requires additional safety measures to limit mixing in non-masked environments. Individuals continue to support restaurants, breweries and wineries by ordering takeaways and deliveries. We also strongly hope that all residents of Los Angeles County will support all businesses by complying with public health directives that are known to be working to slow the spread. Unfortunately, as our cases and hospitalizations continue to grow, we need to issue additional restrictions to protect our health care system and prevent more deaths. “

According to the authorities, the test results are available to more than 3,542,000 people, 10% of whom are positive.

County health officials reported 4,522 new coronavirus infections on Saturday, November 21, just after the county reported the worst one-day report since the pandemic began, with more than 5,000 reported on Thursday. I did.

The county update on Sunday did not include new figures from Long Beach or Pasadena, which operates its own health department. The 63 new cases in Pasadena have increased to a total of 3,374 since the outbreak of the pandemic. The death toll of 131 people remained unchanged. Long Beach did not update the dashboard on Saturday. As of Friday, the city reported 14,999 cases and 270 deaths. “

LA County, like the rest of the state’s most restrictive “purple layer,” began its curfew on Saturday night from 10 pm to 5 am until December 21st. People are allowed to shop for groceries, receive food, and walk their dogs.

All new restrictions could turn out to be a recession in the region’s economy, indicating that LA County could not contain spreads after months of hope to maintain a relatively low case rate and hospitalization. I am. surge.

However, the containment does not appear to be at hand.

With the tremendous rise, even local business leaders have urged people to mask to keep physical distance and avoid another shutdown.

“The curfew is challenging enough, but shutting down is the final death of too many companies. With that, important work begins and goes to the table,” said the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed). CEO and founder Tracy Hernandez said. “Everyone needs to wake up. Wear masks, do not gather in large groups, 6 feet away.”

However, Hernandez and many companies throughout the region were already prepared for this.

Last week, boosted by an increase in numbers, county officials were already reducing the number of customers allowed by many companies. Restaurants, breweries and wineries had to limit their occupancy to 50% of outdoor seating. Indoor retail, personal care business, and office occupancy can be 25% or less. Cardrooms and outdoor entertainment centers were limited to 50%. The outdoor social gathering should be attended by no more than 15 people and such groups should be limited to 3 households.

“If we can’t get this back in control, that’s unfortunately our goal,” Feller said. “I hope we can turn this around within a few days without having to go to SaferAtHome. But at this point, what we did last week is part of a solution to turn things around. It means that there was.

“Another hope I have is that if that’s not possible and people didn’t make changes last week, they’re making changes today, so that this is a short term,” she said. It was. “I know how tired it is for everyone. We have to keep up with the rules and restrictions. I also know how tired our healthcare professionals are, our essentials. We know how tired our workers are, and for them we need to slow down the spread and do it quickly. “

Feller said the surge in cases was not just the result of more tests. She said the rise in county positive test rates indicates that the virus is spreading more rapidly. The average daily positive rate for 7 days in the counties tested for viruses was 3.9% on November 1st, but by November 8th it had risen to 5.1% and is now 7.1%.

The county changed its health orders on Friday and imposed some initial restrictions. In particular, restaurants, wineries, breweries, and non-essential companies had to close between 10 pm and 6 am.

Other restrictions that came into effect on Friday are:

  • Indoor “unwanted” businesses such as retail stores, offices and personal care services are limited to a 25% occupancy.
  • Outdoor services at restaurants, wineries and breweries are limited to 50% of maximum outdoor capacity.
  • Outdoor cardrooms, miniature golf courses, go-kart tracks and batting cages are limited to 50% of maximum outdoor capacity.
  • Customers in the personal care business must make a reservation in advance and services that require the removal of the face mask are not available.And
  • Outdoor gatherings should be limited to a maximum of 3 households and no more than 15 people.

The county previously issued guidance to limit the rally to three households, but there was no numerical limit for attendees.

On March 19, Governor Gavin Newsom issued the first curfew across the state, and Los Angeles County and the city quickly followed, alongside a range of people beginning to gather, a roller coaster to ease and strengthen directives. Has started the year. Again, companies have begun to grow again.

Each time, especially after vacations, the numbers surged in LA County, eventually keeping the county in the state’s most restricted hierarchy for reopening schools and other business and non-business sectors.

This time, authorities began seeing a rise in October, warning of the double pain of the flu season mixed with the possibility of more holiday gatherings at the end of the year.

The bright spot in the future is vaccines, but the widespread potential is months away.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer formally urges U.S. regulators to allow emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine on Friday, resulting in a limited first injection as early as next month and eventually ending the pandemic. You have started a process that you can.

And U.S. health officials allowed an emergency use of a secondary antibody drug on Saturday to help President Donald Trump fight the experimental drug COVID-19 given when the immune system fell ill last month. I agreed to do it.

The state’s Secretary of Health and Welfare, Dr. Mark Garry, has shown that the order is not a strict curfew and that people can still go out of the house but should not get together with others. Said that. He said he would take the dog for a regular 11 pm walk.

He said there was no definitive cause for the sudden surge in the state of the incident.

“There is no single criminal,” Garry said. “It’s a combination of factors. It’s certainly cold weather, there’s more mixing, more openings … and, of course, bigger trips. We’ve had several events over the past few weeks. Have fun — in my hometown of Los Angeles County, Dodgers, Lakers. I had Halloween. I’ve just finished Veterans Day. I’m looking forward to other upcoming events and activities for the winter. “

Asked about how regulations would be enforced, the county relied on law enforcement to rely on law enforcement agencies, as Southern California sheriffs said they wouldn’t actively crack down on health order violations. The residents are urgently hearted.

“I’m really grateful that the best enforcement is voluntary compliance,” she said. “When we set goals as a community and reach those goals, we are all doing really well. This level of acceleration threatens our healthcare system, so we want to slow the spread. No one can think of at this point to challenge the fact that something needs to be done.

“And it’s for everyone in the county for those who have had a heart attack, those who need emergency surgery, those who need regular surgery, and those who are victims of car accidents and trauma. It threatens care. “

On Thursday, Los Angeles County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis blamed those who questioned the dangers of COVID-19, or even considered it a hoax.

“All the scientific cases we see — this is all over the world,” he said. “I don’t think anyone has designed a hoax globally from a pandemic point of view. It’s the same for the entire state, the region, and the United States. These are genuine and scientific. It’s a test. The virus has been isolated since the early days of the pandemic. “

“It’s a shame someone thinks this isn’t real,” he said.

He also condemned the idea that the virus is less dangerous than the flu, saying that an estimated 3,133 people died in the county during the flu season 2019-2020. COVID-19 killed 7,363 people between March and November, even though it infects only about one-third of the population of influenza.

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