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The latest coronavirus comes from dogs

There were also abnormal gene mutations that were deletions of what is commonly known as the N gene, which encodes an important structural protein. This deletion has not been recorded in other canine coronaviruses, Dr. Vlasova said, but similar mutations have appeared in the viruses that cause Covid and SARS. “So what does this mean?” Asks Dr. Gray. “Well, you know, we don’t know exactly.”

More research is needed, but one possibility is that mutations may help animal coronaviruses adapt to human hosts, the researchers said.

It is premature to say whether this virus poses a risk to humans. Researchers have yet to prove that the virus is responsible for the pneumonia that sent patients to the hospital. And they haven’t yet studied whether people who can get the virus from animals can spread it to others.

John Rednicky, a virologist at the University of Florida who was not the author of the study, said:

Nevertheless, he said the study was “very important.” “The fact that it is a coronavirus again reminds us that this is a group of viruses that deserve further research.” “We need to take this seriously and look for it. More cases. The alarm bell should ring when you can see the virus. “

Indeed, one possibility is that the coronavirus can spread much more frequently than is known between humans and other species, including dogs.

“At this point, there is no reason to believe that this virus causes a pandemic,” said Dr. Vlasova. “What attention should be paid to this study is that the transmission of coronavirus from animals to humans is probably a very, very, very common event. And so far it has been almost unheard of. It was ignored. “

The latest coronavirus comes from dogs

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