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Senate Land Security and Government Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) will discuss the security of the elections in Capitol Hill, Washington on Wednesday, December 16, 2020, and the 2020 election process. (Pool via Jim Lo Skalzo / AP)

Washington (AP) — Updates on new Congressional sessions (always local):

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Republican Senator Josh Hawley is fighting back against a GOP colleague criticizing Joe Biden’s attempt to overturn the victorious presidential election.

In a long email, Missouri Republicans defended the reasons for challenging President Donald Trump’s defeat. He and other Republicans plan to challenge the results when Congress holds a joint session on Wednesday to confirm the Electoral College’s tally.

Hurley was particularly protected from criticism from Republican Senator Pat Toomey, who disputed the Pennsylvania election results.

Hurley, an ally of Trump and a potential presidential candidate for 2024, said his hometown members “loudly and clearly” that they believed Biden’s victory over Trump was unfair. “There is.”

“It’s my responsibility as a senator to raise their concerns,” Hurley wrote late Saturday.


Here’s what you need to know about the new parliament:

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What else is happening:

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Senator Ron Johnson intends that the extraordinary efforts of the Republican Parliament to challenge Joe Biden’s presidential victory are not to disrupt the democratic process, but to “protect it.” Claims.

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Senator Wisconsin pointed out the “unsustainable situation” and claimed that many people in the country did not justify the election. He argues that more transparency is needed to “regain trust” as a result of state and electoral college recognition.

A group of 11 senators, led by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, said they would reject the results of the electoral college during the joint meeting on Wednesday unless a committee was appointed to conduct a 10-day audit of the vote. I am. They focus on the states in which President Donald Trump has raised the grounded allegations of fraudulent voting.

Johnson does not provide new evidence for voting issues. And he admits that former Trump Attorney General William Barr did not find evidence of widespread fraud. The proceedings filed by Trump’s legal team were repeatedly dismissed by the Supreme Court and a judge appointed by Trump who ruled the proceedings.

When Johnson claimed that “tens of millions of people” believed the presidential election was “stolen,” NBC Chuck Todd suggested that Johnson “look in the mirror” for the reason. Todd cut off Johnson’s groundless claim.

Todd told Johnson: “We cannot make these claims that have not been proven to be true.”


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The start of a new parliamentary session on Sunday will come during a period of turmoil in US history.

More and more Republicans are working to overturn Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump, and the surge in coronavirus infections is imposing restrictions on the Capitol.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who maintains a majority in the House of Representatives, will be re-elected as Speaker of the House by fellow Democrats with the lowest margins in 20 years.

Opening the Senate could be one of Mitch McConnell’s last actions as a majority leader. Republican rule relies on Tuesday’s two-seat Senate vote in Georgia.

It is often said that the split government is a time of legislative compromise, but lawmakers are torn apart more than ever, arguing even the basic facts, including Biden’s victory in the presidential election. We are in the 117th Congress in the country.

The Latest: Hawley defends rationale for contesting election Source link The Latest: Hawley defends rationale for contesting election

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