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ENGLEWOOD, Colorado (KDVR) – That’s a startling statistic. Lawyer-related injuries are on the rise.

Sarah Sperlbaum recently added to these numbers.

She says she was making guacamole and used a large, sharp knife to try to squeeze the pit out. Instead, she opened her finger.

“It wouldn’t stop bleeding,” Sperlbaum said. “I scream and cry during all of this because it was pretty scary.”

She ended up having stitches and went to see Dr Ryan Endress, a hand surgeon at the Burn and Reconstructive Center at the Swedish Medical Center in Englewood.

“Over the past 20 years or so, the incidence of annual injuries has increased tenfold. There are over 6,000 lawyer hand injuries in the year, ”Endress said.

Endress says the most common injury is like Sarah’s, but other people try to use a steak knife and stab the pit. Sometimes they stab the whole hand and these injuries can be serious.

“It is very common to cut the nerves, tendons and even blood vessels in the hand that require going to the operating room for repair under a microscope,” he said.

Endress says to never hold anything in your hand that you are trying to cut, place it on the counter instead.

There are also tools you can purchase to help you safely mine an avocado core.

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