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The LBCC Men’s Basketball Team continues to recruit during the pandemic – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2020-11-19 15:19:22 –

The basketball head coach is looking for new team members, but the team will not be able to compete after March. File photo.

Barry Burns, Men’s Basketball Head Coach and Basketball Operations Director at Long Beach City College, is looking for basketball talent every day in the Long Beach community.

Burns said he has a hiring philosophy as a men’s basketball coach and is looking for a “good student and well-performing” player locally in Long Beach.

Long Beach City College players “want to grow up in their own country, be diligent, dedicated to education, and proudly represent the community,” Burns said.

In addition, Burns said he wants players to win scholarships to play in college and promote their education.

Interim Athletic Director Bill Hussak said there is no recruitment schedule for LBCC Sports as LBCC is not a D1 school.

“Because we are a community college, we have plenty of time for players to attend Long Beach City College,” Husark said.

The LBCC Basketball Program aims to build a great relationship between athletes and basketball coaches, ideally visualizing the interests of athletes and working to recruit athletes each year.

Burns told new college employees: “Education is the key to personal success, and your efforts are rewarded devotedly.”

Burns and his coaching staff have the specific players they are looking for when hiring.

They are always floor coaches looking for point guards who can play both physically and hard.

In other positions, they are always looking for players who can spread the floor and play multiple positions on the floor.

Husark believes and trusts that Burns and his coaching staff will hire the best players available during the hiring process and that the Long Beach City College team will get the players they want. Said.

Burns said the challenge for coaching staff during a pandemic was the need to look at and talk to the player over the zoom or phone.

Burns said he expressed his expectations and how interested he was in potential partnerships when interacting with high-volume players.

Burns said he would be given time to watch a lot of the players’ movies.

“As a coach, hiring through Zoom isn’t really easy. It’s better to recruit and watch them play directly,” Burns said.

Husark said he was very optimistic about the adoption of Zoom. He hopes they can be hired as before when the pandemic improves.

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