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Florence, South Carolina 2020-10-17 20:26:29 –

Little River, South Carolina (WBTW) – The Little River community celebrates its special 100th birthday on Saturday at the Church of St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal (AME).

Iva Mae Ward has been blessed for 100 years.

“Throughout our lives, she was able to constantly monitor our community to see if she had what she needed. You knew you could always go to Miss Iva.” Said her granddaughter Shiraward.

Iva Ward states that he is a lifetime member of the Church of St. Paul AME, with family, friends and members hosting the celebration of his 100th birthday, and Ward brings joy and inspiration to their lives. Ward was born in 1920 in Little River, South Carolina.

Evaward is also known as the “mother” by those who consider her to be like a mother. Friends and family say Evaward is “a very proud woman.”

Iva Ward is a 19-year-old grandmother, beloved mother, sister, cousin, church member, and successful seamstress. She worked in a luxury clothing store and gained an international reputation in the community around South Carolina and for her designs.

“She made quilts many years ago, so now that she made quilts in her twenties and thirties, people have quilts at home,” said Shirra Ward.

Iva Ward’s friends and family celebrate the 100th anniversary. Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren called her inspiration and said she taught her never to give up.

“She spread the good feelings your grandma has, everyone just loves and cherishes those moments with her,” said great-grandson Tzadik Jones.

Lovers say she has sewn, endured and inspired people for the rest of her life.

“You taught me the language of fashion, so I’m more than always coming out,” said her daughter Sondra Ward.

The community did not miss the opportunity to celebrate their lifelong achievements as several family and friends were socially distanced outside the car and sending love from across the parking lot.

“We are all very proud to call you a mother,” said Sondraward.

A 100-year life is a blessing for Iva Mae Ward. But those celebrating Iva Mae Ward’s 100th anniversary on Saturday say Ward’s presence and influence is a real blessing.

“I was always impressed because it was worth doing for my mom, even though I was reluctant even on the day I woke up,” says Shiraward.

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