The “Lockdown” episode of the Grand Tour returns to familiarity

July 30th, the third streaming release Grand tour present Amazon installment rework of the series, formerly the tent-based car series.Follow-up of their “sailor” premiere (which I liked) and “massive hunting” (which I liked)I did not do it), Clarkson, Hammond and May go back to the basics a few years ago with “Lochdown”. And that’s not that bad.

Before reading further, please note that this article contains the main spoilers of the episode. You have been warned!

Lochdown’s premise is simpler than the previous episode and is the answer to the question. Why didn’t American cars become popular in Europe?The question itself is enough for the viewer to predict the era of old cars Top gear The crew is the target. Of course, the 70’s. Big chrome, big engine, big trim gap, Grand tour There is Brougham time. Clarkson’s pick is the Lincoln Continental Mark V, Hammond chooses the boattail Buick Riviera, and James chooses the Cadillac Coupedville. All three cars are from the early ’70s, carry a huge V8, and are in various states with broken trim.

To find the answer to their question, the team travels from England’s northernmost city, Berwick-upon-Tweed, to the islands of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The journey itself is about 360 miles and there are a series of challenges along the way. However, Clarkson does not use the phrase to prevent the show from using the phrase from his previous career or employer.

The first 25 minutes of the one and a half hour runtime is the most fun. Unlike “A Massive Hunt,” Clarkson, Hammond, and May talk about the car they’re driving and have a chatty conversation about American iron before the journey begins. The way they first talk about their Detroit Steed seems wrong, as someone at Amazon HQ demanded a little pandaling from their large American audience. Clarkson lied to Lincoln and I believe Hammond enjoys Buick, but I don’t believe May likes Devil.The car is the result of the show’s production, as it is expected to drive the Cadillac as James was established in. Top gear A trip to the 2007 New Orleans episode.

The first hurdle the team faces is to drive in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Ancient cobblestone streets (traffic and pedestrians closed before the show) are not suitable for luxury American barges. But you knew it, and the show used this metaphor many times in various cars before. Clarkson just opened the Continental door and found that the inner door panel was still closed. This will be remembered from the 2007 British Leyland challenge. Immediately reaching the conclusion that it is “inappropriate for the city”, the team is heading for the next Scottish reality. World test.

It’s a track race on a circuit with many tight turns! Competing with American cars is Hillman Avenger, the sportiest Scottish car ever manufactured. Certainly it will be slower with its tiny engine than the American luxury cars that have their V8s. The lap time goes as expected, but May doesn’t try to drive the truck urgently, but goes to work. Conclusion: Huge American cars are not suitable for trucks. But we already knew that too.

The COVID is mentioned as a reality after the track part, indicating that all presenters are closed and cannot stay at the hotel. Therefore, they get a “must sleep” caravan, but obviously not. Around this time, episodes focus on gag and become less fun to watch. May’s caravan is filled with water, Hammond runs too fast on dirt roads and runs off the side of the caravan, Clarkson’s dormitory unhooks and falls from the hills into some forests. It’s all very scripted and disposable.

Next is a race to see who made the worst car ever. Is it Soviet or American? This segment will compete against Hugo and Zastava in dirt track races with PT Cruiser, Dodge Caravan and Pontiac Aztek. Russian cars are rarely seen in races. The team admits that the 2000s was a very bad time for American cars (not true). The race went on with a lot of physical contact and the PT Cruiser was judged to be the worst car as it lasted longer than the Soviet car. It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a filler.

The team is invited to go to a traditional British hunting party in an unnatural segment where some new classic cars magically appear for the team to drive. These represent their favorites from American varieties. “See, not all American cars were like those of the 2000s.” As far as I can remember, this is a fresh temporary replacement delivered to every segment of the trio’s show since 2003. It’s the only time that has been done. Our host is poetic about the classic Shelby Mustang GT500, Camaro Z / 28, and charger R / T when driving to a fake hunting party with only a green Range Rover in the parking lot. Hammond doesn’t accomplish that because his charger destroys himself in an unexpected (and big) way that is clearly unscripted. It’s nice to see reality creep into the show after the orderly scripted antiques of the last episode.

Somewhere, the producer delivers news of American car enthusiasts and American-flavored towns in the Outer Hebrides, full of car culture. The team is heading in this direction and enjoying their car. There is no rhyme or reason for the change, especially when Mei turns his devil into a “lowrider” with side exhausts. It’s time to head to this mythical Scottish island settlement like America.

After the last two unexploded ordnance segments and unexploded ordnance fixes, the show concludes the last 20 minutes or so with commonly used set pieces. The team needs to build a bridge across the river, and on the other side is this American town. This segment doesn’t really make sense, but it’s an opportunity to sink a boat or pretend to have a very low car caught on a bridge in May.

The team heads to this American town. The town is set up to look like an out-of-place American strip mall. There are no people, and only one MG is parked outside. The team parked and went to the bar, but it turned out that everything about modern American culture was actually Chinese. One Korean reference is shown in the Chinese one, which seems to be an editorial slip.The team drinks Qingdao (a decent beer by the way) and concludes that it really is No Many Americas have left. The first prompt and reason for the trip is forgotten.

Overall, “Lochdown” is a decent episode that feels comfortable to the three hosts and longtime fans of the work they do. Unlike “massive hunting”, the script is a bit A more hidden and unexpected event passed by the floor of the editing room. The hosts seem to spend more time together than on previous voyages and enjoy their schtick much more. As always, the movie is very well represented and the accompanying 70’s songs are great. The first question about American cars was disposable, but that’s what you want at a show like this. The adventure is in the middle of a journey, not the last digging of a treasure chest. Throughout at least the first third of the episode, I found myself smiling. No runtime is needed, but it’s worth a look.

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The "Lockdown" episode of the Grand Tour returns to familiarity

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