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Rugby New York will host the Major League Rugby Championship game on Saturday at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey. Regardless of the outcome, the city of Seattle, about 3,000 miles away, is celebrated.

Mayor Bruce a Harrell said declare June 25, Seattle Seawolves Community Pride Day, Two championsReached the third MLR final in the ‘5 season. (Four completed and lost to Covid in 2020.)

The official declaration acknowledged “a deep connection with our community” and “a strong and positive role model for Seattle youth.” The mayor also praised “one of the most passionate and vibrant fan bases in and out of the league.”

Red Bull, the venue for Major League Soccer, can accommodate 25,000 fans of all degrees of passion. New York sold out Hoboken’s JFK stadium this year, with a capacity of only 1,500.rear hit In an Eastern Championship match, the New England Free Jacks took less than a week to sell tickets for the finals. The game will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 in the United States and will be broadcast online worldwide. The MLR crowd is growing, but small. Good-looking showpieces come in handy.

George Killebrew, MLR Commissioner, told the Guardian: Last year we played the final at the LA Memorial Coliseum, and this year we played the final at the Red Bull Arena. You want to grow up on the beach.

“We put 9,000 or so in the Coliseum [to see LA beat Atlanta].. Here in New York there are shorter windows. So I … 5,000 is great. In the way they construct a stadium, they focus on the sections visible on the camera. I think it will be a good day if we can meet some of them. “

MLR has been in the shop window forever, trying to prove itself to American sports fans, rugby fans around the world, and now World Rugby itself. In May, the Governing Body made a big bet and announced US World Cup 2031 and ’33.

This was seen as a big boost to MLR, but not everything has been going well since then.Just before the playoffs, the league Disqualification The two teams, Austin Gilgronis and LA Giltinis, are owned by Australian entrepreneur Adam Gilchrist and named after a cocktail named after him.

LA was the champion last year, but this time Austin was the top in the west. Fans were dissatisfied with MLR’s silence as to why the team was disqualified.Eventually statement Austin was unable to cooperate in the salary cap investigation and said LA pursued “acts considered harmful to the league.” Since then, little has been said by anyone.

Killebrew states: It will be good when we start talking someday. But I can’t say much now.

“By the way, I hate it because the fans are more valuable. They deserve to be clarified and need to know if they will follow this league.

“We were watching social media and everything, and there were two people complaining, but most of the time people went a little further and now here in the finals with the other two teams. It has come out.”

New York End of regular season 11 & 5, behind the Free Jacks and Rugby ATL in Atlanta. Then they left home and defeated them. Seattle was 9 & 7, Austin was 12 & 4, LA 11 & 5, but disqualified, the Seawolves saw off the Houston SaberCats, formerly coached by South Africa’s Heinekemeier, to create the championship game.

At Red Bull, the challenge is an ET kick-off at 12:00 pm. For one thing, in the fields of Harrison, NJ, the heat is 85F or 30C north. However, early kick-off also gives European viewers the opportunity to watch at tea time.

Currently MLR is 5 years old, Killebrew said. This is like a theme for the last few years. We are not where we want to be, but we are on the right track. “

He also said that the long-rumored expansion teams in Chicago and St. Louis are “close, but I’m not sure if they can reach the 23-year finish line.” Switched to Soldier Field..

Many expansion teams are never easy. This year, the Dallas Jackals had no chance of winning. Killebrew said:

“Dallas was a bit of a snake bit, but it’s our greatest benefit that no one goes to 0 & 16 and no one goes to 16 & 0. I want everyone to win. I’m happy if everyone is 8 & 8. Right? We get it. We have to work with Dallas to get better. “

According to Kilbrew, future seasons will have previously named championship venues, giving them time to sell tickets, travel, DC, LA and Boston among potential host cities. there is.

So far, Rugby New York CEO Rick Salitzo and his staff are working to stage rugby at Red Bull. Saracens and London Irish I played a British Premiership match there. America played Ireland..This week, Salitzo and others went to see New York Derby At the US Open Cup of soccer.

The CEO is supported by his hometown in New Zealand. He states: “I’m overwhelmed by messages from people of all kinds. For example, right after the game. [in New England]A message from Wayne Smith [a former All Black and All Blacks coach] He says he made a great game.And Razor Robertson [Scott, coach of the Super Rugby champion Crusaders].. ‘I really enjoyed the game. The boy is fine. “

New York is white and scrums against LA early in the MLR season. Photo: LA Giltinis Joe Skullnichi / Getty Images

This will help New York defend Weissakena Holo and Nehemilner Scrumder, who won the 2015 World Cup All Blackbuck, and Andieris, the 2011 All Black Champion scrum-half. A team focused on Southern Hemisphere skills, Samoa Wing’s Edfido also stands out.

Seattle also has a talent in the Southern Hemisphere led by the dangerous Samoa standoffs. AJ Alatimu.. However, there will be promising North American players in the finals. This includes the dynamic back-five forward New York Ben Bonasso, the prostitute Caleb Geiger who turned from baseball and football, and Andrew Coe, the Canadian lightning wing. Seattle has a powerful Sammanoa that once won five stars in Northampton and Turon.

Next month, the US Eagles will face two matches against Chile to compete in the World Cup in France next year. For American International in Seattle and New York, the MLR final is a kind of trial.

Salitzo said: I think the world of rugby is fascinated by seeing what America is doing in this game. “

The Major League Rugby Championship Game pits New York vs Seattle and puts the United States in the shop window | Rugby Union

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