The majority are concerned about regaining impeachment and increasing DC violence — CBS News polls

Despite widespread condemnation of violence in the Capitol last week, Americans say more can happen in the future. 74% believe that more violence could be attempted in the Joe presidential election next week, at least to some extent. Biden’s inauguration.

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70% of Americans don’t want to see Trump’s supporters protest next week. However, most of Mr. Trump’s 2020 voters will support the protest because he is less likely than Americans to think that violence is likely to occur next week.

Soon, the majority of Americans feel that President Trump should be impeached now, as the House of Representatives is preparing to address the issue.

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Democrats and independents are in great agreement with this. The impeachment said, among other things, “helping prevent Donald Trump from running for president again,” “signaling that his actions were wrong,” and “democracy protects himself.” , They also think it may cause more protests against his supporters. They have agreed with 15% of Republicans about this, and 85% of Republicans are against impeachment, and are likely to feel that it creates more divisions within the country.

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Most Republicans believe that the president did nothing wrong to deserve his dismissal or resignation.

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These feelings are in a very different explanation of what happened at the Capitol. Eighty-seven percent of Americans oppose what happened, and most strongly oppose it.

For most Americans (59%), especially Democrats and most independents, what happened is described as an attempt to riot and overthrow the government. Republicans tend to disapprove it and describe the case as an “excessive protest,” but one-third call it a rebellion.

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In general, a significant 80% of Americans from the entire political spectrum say that the use of force and violence to pursue political goals is always unacceptable. (It may be a bit comfortable for them to say that 20% is acceptable. Few people feel that way in either party, but 26% of Republicans say so, 13% of Democrats say so, and those who do so tend to be younger, men.)

Some have asked President Trump to resign and Vice President Mike Pence to implement the 25th Amendment as an alternative to impeachment. When the various options were presented to respondents together, a similar 55% majority of Americans were found who prefer the president to resign before the end of next week’s term. This includes 39% who see the president being dismissed and 16% who like it. He resigns.

This CBS News survey was conducted by YouGov using a national representative sample of 1,521 US residents interviewed January 11-12, 2021. This sample is weighted based on gender, age, race, and education, based on the American Community Survey conducted by the United States. Census Bureau, and 2020 presidential vote and registration status. The margin of error is +/- 2.9 points.

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The majority are concerned about regaining impeachment and increasing DC violence — CBS News polls

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