The man breaks into the house during the child’s distance learning class and the teacher calls 911 – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-10-18 20:24:13 –

NEXSTAR, CA-California teachers took action after fear of the faces of two students who did not sign off immediately after Thursday’s distance learning session.

“I was just looking at their faces, and I can see their faces turn from worry to panic,” teacher Jennifer Petersen told KOVR. Petersen said he wouldn’t log off until the last student logged off.

Her mother, Reina Luna, said the cause of her children’s horror was a stranger who invaded her family’s Gold’s house during class while she was out.

“They said the man opened the window and entered the house,” Luna said.

The man reportedly broke through a window near the front of the house and ran through the house.

Petersen remembered that the students “call” her by saying “help, help”. She first called 911 and then stayed online with her children.

No one was harmed in the case.

Luna, who found a lot of police cars in front of her house and went home, called Petersen a hero, but the teacher said it would have been done by another teacher or mother.

Louis Duray, 55 years old. (Gold Police Station)

On Saturday, Gold police announced that they had arrested a 55-year-old man named Louis Durey, who was accused of invading a house with two children inside before escaping through the backyard.

Police did not confirm that it was the same house, but a Facebook user named Reyna Luna left the following comment on the post:

Thanks to Galt PD for their prompt response. Mrs. Peterson calls 911 and stays logged in to help my kids, giving them the protection and comfort they need at the moment, even if you’re miles away. Thank you.Thank you very much 🙏srcset = “ 160w, https: // images / emoji.php / v9 / t1f / 2/16 / 1f64f.png? W = 256 256w, https: // .png? w = 320 320w, https: // w = 640 640w, https: //static.xx / images / emoji.php / v9 / t1f / 2/16 / 1f64f.png? W = 876 876w “sizes =” (max-width: 899px) 100vw, 876px ” 💕srcset = “ 160w, https: // images / emoji.php / v9 / t7 / 2/16 / 1f495.png? W = 256 256w, https: // .png? w = 320 320w, https: // w = 640 640w, https: //static.xx / images / emoji.php / v9 / t7 / 2/16 / 1f495.png? w = 876 876w “sizes =” (max-width: 899px) 100vw, 876px ”


According to police, Durey, who claimed to be “chased by several subjects with a rifle,” is currently being charged with robbing, risking children, wandering private land and tampering with vehicles with the intention of committing a crime. I will.

He was booked at Sacramento County Prison.

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