The man claims to have found a sugar-coated shrimp tail in a box of cereals | US News

Kids cereals have a long history of being shipped with prizes such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Spider-Man cardboard cutouts. It’s not very attractive when the internal surprise appears to be multiple dried shrimp tails.

That’s what is said to have happened to Jensen Carp on Monday morning. Los Angeles The comedian reported his findings on Twitter with some really disturbing photos and the words “this isn’t a little”.

In this way, the story began to explode into what might be called “serial Twitter.” General Mills, which manufactures cinnamon toast crunch, returned an offer to replace the box, but Carp suggested he wasn’t ready to consume more cereal.

The company promised to investigate the issue and reported that by early afternoon it had determined that “the results of further investigation”, the supposed shrimp tail was actually “accumulation of cinnamon sugar”. did.

Said carp TMZ He was a cereal fan, so he had a “Cinnamon Toast Crunch Vintage T-shirt”.

The two parties continued to exchange via a direct message publicly posted by Carp. They included a request from General Mills to submit to a breakfast-based forensic study. The company offered to send him a prepaid envelope in which he could return the alleged tail.

Meanwhile, Carp said he found other unwanted items in the box, such as individual cereal pieces with strange black marks that were theorized on Twitter as animal waste. “Strange cinnamon-covered peas”; and “strange little strings”.

He said his wife (Boy Meets World’s Topanga, also known as Danielle Fishel Carp) checked another bag and found something that looked like dental floss. He said the bag had tape on it.

As the mystery unraveled, various Twitter users offered to express their theory and conduct their own research.

Others have created nightmarish cereal mockups:

In the humor, real concerns arose. Carp pointed out that many people are allergic to shellfish, not to mention not Kosher.And as he said New York Times: “This is a complete nightmare for me because I’m really tired and taking OCD medicine.” But so far he’s not sick – even eating a bowl Regardless, he said.

In a statement, General Mills spokesman Mike Seamienas said: We are waiting for consumers to send us a package for further investigation. “Consumers who notice that the cereal boxes and bags, such as the clear tape found in this case, have been tampered with, need to contact us,” he added.

For clarity, Carp took a “serial” on Quest Diagnostics. There he was referred to another lab for testing, the New York Times reported. According to the treatise, he contacted other laboratories but has not yet responded.

Meanwhile, TMZ asked, “Are you on or off the grain now?”

“Off forever,” Carp said.

The man claims to have found a sugar-coated shrimp tail in a box of cereals | US News

Source link The man claims to have found a sugar-coated shrimp tail in a box of cereals | US News

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