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Riverside, California 2020-10-22 17:56:23 –

Attorneys were convicted of supplying weapons by Enrique Marquez Jr. after a terrorist shot dead in San Bernardino on December 2, 2015, killing 14 people and injuring 22. We will discuss a significantly different sentence on Friday the 23rd.

A decision by Judge G. Bernal of the US District Court on the riverside could mean that Marquez’s sentence was 19 years apart.

Marquez, 28, was found guilty in February 2017, but the decision was postponed after a lawyer’s allegation and Marquez’s attempt to withdraw one of the proceedings failed.

Marquez, a Riverside resident who attended La Sierra Hai, was convicted of providing physical assistance to terrorists and making false statements about federal guns. Marquez states that the guns he bought in 2011 and 2012 are for himself. Instead, he sold them to Said Lizwan Faruk as part of the suspension of plans to launch attacks on drivers at 91 Freeway and Riverside City College.

28-year-old Faruk has radicalized his longtime friend into Islam.

Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 29, attended a training meeting and holiday party for colleagues at the San Bernardino County Environmental Health Department and fought a shootout in the meeting room of the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center. ..

A couple of terrorists, residents of the Redlands, were killed hours later in a gun battle with law enforcement agencies.

Officials say Marquez did not know in advance about the plan.

A federal prosecutor said in a memorandum of understanding filed on October 16 that he would request Bernal to adopt the US Probation Office’s recommendation that Marquez be in prison for 25 years. It includes time to strengthen sentencing against terrorism.

“The defendant’s actions are very dangerous and his conviction crimes are very serious. They knew that the defendant was motivated by an anti-American and violent extremist ideology. Includes providing a person with semi-automatic weapons and explosives, planning with that person to kill a large number of innocent people, including college students, drivers, and first responders, the prosecutor wrote. ..

The prosecutor also said he was seeking a sentence (about five years) close to the time Marquez’s lawyer was already in prison and urged Bernal to strengthen his terrorist sentence.

The judgment recommendation submitted by Marquez’s attorney John N. Aquilina has been sealed. However, Aquilina said in an email Wednesday that she was calling for a “significant” reduction in the potential period recommended by the probation office. He also said that the intensification of terrorism was improperly applied to Marquez.

Meanwhile, prosecutors write that this enhancement is “clearly applicable” to Marquez’s crimes.

The federal judgment is based on a matrix that considers crime levels ranging from 1 to 43 and criminal history levels ranging from 1 to 6. Prosecutors said Aquilina wanted a reduction from level 43 to 26. A criminal history like Marquez can face a sentence of 6 to 7 years.

Prosecutors warned against giving a break for Marquez’s history.

“Despite his lack of previous conviction, the facts of this case reveal another disturbing truth: where the defendants go, illegal weapon purchases, plots to carry out terrorist attacks, and immigrants. Serious federal crimes, including fraud, follow. To make matters worse, defendant crimes are potential and facilitating crimes that help and encourage others to violate federal law. “

The prosecution agreed to withdraw allegations of immigration fraud in exchange for Marquez’s petition. After exceeding his visa, Marquez pretended to marry Faruk’s Russian-born sister-in-law, Mary Chernuik, to help her immigrate to the United States.

Chernykh will be convicted of two charges of conspiracy, perjury, and false statement and will be sentenced on March 29.

Chernyk’s sister, Tatiana Farook, has been found guilty of one immigration fraud and will be sentenced to 14 December. Her husband, Syed Raheel Farook, has been found guilty of one immigration fraud and will be sentenced to prison on November 9.

Faruk’s mother, Raffia Faruk, will be sentenced to 16 November for eradicating evidence of shredding a map created by Lizwan Faruk in connection with the San Bernardino attack. ..

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