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Tulsa, Oklahoma-Tulsa is known for many things, but even Tulsa may be amazed by the unexpected haunted history of the city.

It’s not the go-to ghost capital of the United States, but Tulsa tells good ghost stories in rumored haunted places throughout the region.

Tulsa Spirit Tour Teri French knows one or two things about the paranormal experience and told 2 News Oklahoma whether the haunted place is real or just an urban legend.

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Tulsa Theater

Formerly known as the Brady Theater, the Tulsa Theater was a vaudeville home that provided entertainment to the audience.

Space has experienced many things over the years, including being abandoned and almost destroyed. However, after refurbishment and renaming, the Tulsa Theater has reopened.

Legend has it that an Italian opera singer named Enrico Caruso haunts this space. While in Tulsa, Caruso saw and played around the town.

“He wanted to see the wells and how they made them,” the French said. “And when they came back, it was raining. It was cold and miserable, and the car broke down.”

Despite being already ill, Caruso traveled back on foot in the rain and turned out to be his last performance to date.

“According to history, he performed great,” said the French. “It was one of his best. Standing applause and the entire 9 yards.”

Unfortunately, after returning to Italy, Caruso died. The French say that Tulsa caused Caruso’s death, which is why he is believed to haunt the theater. Even Caruso’s manager nominated Tulsa as the reason for his death.

But it’s not just Caruso. The building is rumored to have played a role in the 1921 Tulsa race massacre when it was the Brady Theater.

“That is, it played a big role. It contained some of the victims. There are rumors that they died inside and some other horrifying things that happened to them,” the French said. Told. “We actually captured evidence of a electronic voice phenomenon that almost confirms all the stories there.”

Cain’s Ballroom

Cain’s Ballroom is located in the heart of downtown Tulsa and is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Over the years, we have welcomed thousands of musicians and audiences.

Cain’s rich history is part of the reason why it is believed that ghosts appear in the space.

“I think it was in the 1940s and 1950s that it was considered a violent roadhouse,” the French laughed. “In fact, it was in Tulsa World that some of the toughest gang fights took place just outside Cain’s ballroom door.”

Until then, it was a very rough and fallen place, the French said Cain was a source of trouble and frustration in the city. It was terrible for the Tulsa city prosecutor to try to stab an iron ball into the wall because of its infamous reputation.

This is because the French have a party with other spectators and believe that the spirits are still there.

Cave house

The cave house looks unique, but many mysteries are hidden in its walls. literally.

First built in the 1920s as a chicken restaurant for people to dine during the day, it quickly became notorious for turning into Speakeasy at night. People even claim that Pretty Boy Floyd and some of his crew sometimes visit the bar with other outlaws.

“Owner Linda Collier had a pretty strange experience when she took over the building,” said the Frenchman. “I don’t know if I was trying to show or scare her love, no matter what the energy.”

The cave house was not only Speakeasy, but also had a perfect ballroom for parties. The French said there were rumors behind the ballroom that there was a door leading to a tunnel for people and outlaws to escape if police appeared. But today it is unclear if it exists.

The French said that there was a wall to close the house because the house was threatened that day if the owner did not close the ballroom.

Gil Crease House

Thomas Gill Crease American Institute of History and Arts, also known as the Gilcrease Museum, has a variety of arts, cultures and history that locals and visitors can enjoy.

But art isn’t the only thing contained in Gilkleys.

Gil Crease Museum

Flickr / Daniel O’Neil

“I think Gilcrease is probably one of the most haunted places in Tulsa,” the French confirmed.

The French speculated that she and her team had investigated several times in the museum, and all the experiences were memorable. The French took a tour there, and the people in the group had a paranormal experience every time they went.

“The camera will fail. The phone will hang up or get stuck. It was just weird,” said the Frenchman. “I never turned off the bus. At some point I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to start the bus.”

The French believe that the Gilcrease House, built of sandstone, plays a major role. She said, like quartz, sandstone carries a lot of energy to help reveal what’s happening in the house.

“They tried to do things in the house, just like kids are in art appreciation classes,” said the French. “But they never last long.”

Thomas Hillcrease is rumored to be the one who stayed behind to overlook his art collection and the house he left behind. According to French, that’s right, but it’s not a fan of visitors.

She said that even animals are afraid of what’s lurking in the house:

“So, a few years ago, they installed a lot of new security cameras and kept leaving in the south bedroom one night. Tulsa police were called in and tried to climb the stairs with a trained police dog. The dogs absolutely refused to go up. They started whining and weren’t upset. They ran out of the house. And when the police went up there alone, the living soul was there. I wasn’t there. “

The Gilcrease Museum is currently closed to build a new museum space on the premises.

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Hex House

Many people consider the hex house to be just a standard local Halloween attraction, but it has a dark history.

“So this is what we feature on our serial killer tour. Now it’s in the parking lot and it’s been on sale for decades and it’s empty. Nobody wants to buy it. It seems, “explained the French.

The new hex house is inspired by a house owned by Carol Anne Smith.The French said the original Hex House at 10 East 21NS As you can see, it has negative energy.

“That is, what she did with her nephew … they were throwing boiling water at the people living in the next duplex. She kept the two hostages in the basement, hypnotized them, and put hexes on them. There is also her entire history. Yes, that’s insane, “said the French.

Allegations that windshield wipers and stereos are working when the car is off often occur when parked nearby. The French even say they tested the theory during the tour, claiming she never did it again.

“I turned off the bus, but it didn’t start after that. It wasn’t until the woman said she called Carol Ann a bad name and then she apologized. As soon as she was done The bus is back soon, “says French.

This year’s Hex House The attractions will be held from September 24th to October 31st.

Tulsa Little Theater

Like many other entertainment spaces in town, the Tulsa Little Theater is probably haunted. It is believed that there are several spirits in the universe.

The theater was originally built in 1932 and renovated in 2004. The refurbishment project is believed to be when the spirits began to inform themselves, but the French say it is not.

“In fact, the spirits were there before they took over,” said the French. “The current owner called us when he moved because of a strange experience going on.”

Some of those bizarre experiences include loud footsteps across the ceiling. The French said it was possible … if someone could somehow climb 60 feet in the air to get there. She said people would just witness sandbags swaying back and forth on the main stage.

“You can’t just move the sandbags,” said the French. “They are pretty heavy and just one of the weird things that happens there.”

She doesn’t know if it’s one of the most haunted places in town, but after a few nights in the building, she confirmed that it was a haunted place.

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