The NBA team drafts eight record Nigerian players

Nigeria dominated 2020 NBA draft On Wednesday, eight Nigerian players were selected by the NBA team. Basketball African League president Amad Garofort told CBS News Thursday that this achievement meant much more. Political instability With the country Catastrophic coronavirus pandemic..

“This is a great story during this incredibly challenging time with a pandemic and recent events in Nigeria,” said Fall. “Young people are really on the central stage and inspiring this next generation … just to show that it’s possible.”

The Cleveland Cavaliers chose 19-year-old Isaac Okoro on Wednesday for their fifth draft topic. At a post-draft press conference, reporters asked Auburn University stars what it meant to be first drafted in Nigeria that year.

“It feels great to be the first Nigerian drafted in this draft,” Okoro replied. “It’s just a blessing […] My mother always tells me to keep that Nigerian pride. I wasn’t born in Nigeria, but I still got Nigerian blood. So it just rests on my shoulder. “

Auburn v Kentucky
Isaac Okoro, who played for the Auburn Tigers, will be seen during the match against Kentucky Wildcats at the Rupp Arena on February 29th.

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The NBA team includes Onieka Okonu (No. 6), Precious Achiuwa (No. 20), Sieg Nai (No. 22), Yudoka Azbuike (No. 27), Desmond Bane (No. 30), and Daniel.・ I also chose Otul (No. 33). ) And Jordan Nuwora (No.45). The NBA tweeted that everyone has parents or Nigerian parents, with the exception of Nigerian-born Achiuwa and Azbuike.

Both Achiuwa and Azbuike participated in the first round, and it is the first time that two players from Nigeria have participated in the first round of the same draft.

All-star Victor Oladipo, whose parents are Nigerian-born Indiana Pacers point guard and shooting guard, commented on the Draft Night feat at the NBA Virtual Conference.

“In general, Nigerian American athletes continue to thrive in sports across the country, not just in basketball games,” he said. “There were quite a few drafts yesterday. There are quite a few who are doing them for the continent of Africa, and obviously for Nigeria.”

“I am honored and blessed to be one of the athletes who continue to represent our country to the fullest,” he added.

As of 2018, more than 375,000 Nigerian immigrants live in the United States, according to the Pew Research Center.

Overall, the NBA currently has 19 Nigerian or Nigerian players. This includes active MVPs and Milwaukee Bucks stars. Janis Adetokumpo..

In the fall, Nigeria’s participation in sports has expanded over the last 15 to 20 years, and the number will increase. He said the NBA is working to “make sports more accessible to young players” and to expand the academy across the continent to develop talent.

The NBA-backed BAL, a 12-team basketball league that plays across Africa, was scheduled to launch this year but was postponed to 2021 due to a coronavirus pandemic.

For now, Fall said he is proud of the people chosen to play in America’s top league.

“Today, whether you’re from Mali or Tanzania, Senegal, I’m proud to see it all over Africa,” he said.

The NBA team drafts eight record Nigerian players

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