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According to The Washington Post, a major chip maker has created a feature that allows smartphone makers to maintain a frontal camera at all times.

Why does your next smartphone have a camera that is always on?

You can use the front camera of your phone for selfies and video calls, but turning off the camera turns it off. According to the Washington Post, major chip makers have revealed that the latest processors include the ability for smartphone makers to always wear a front-facing camera to monitor their faces.

According to the report, this processor will be used in high-end Android smartphones launched in 2022.

So why do you always want a camera?

Chip maker, Qualcomm, Say it’s a security feature. Your smartphone may have a feature that can automatically unlock your face as soon as you find it. Alternatively, you can detect another face next to you and hide notifications on your phone that you don’t want others to see.

According to the company, the camera will not take pictures or videos without your permission. Also, the data acquired by the camera when looking for a face will not leave the chip.

Currently, the ability to use this always-on camera does not yet exist. It’s up to the smartphone maker to develop them. However, companies are reportedly already interested in this feature.

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The new Androids may have a camera that is always on Source link The new Androids may have a camera that is always on

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