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The new book emphasizes the need for rapid and frequent screening to control pandemics

Covid-19 is a pandemic that incurs significant health and financial costs. Economist Joshua Gans wrote in his previous book, The Pandemic Information Gap: COVID-19’s Brutal Economics (MIT Press, 2020), because the government and others lack the information they need to manage a pandemic. , Explain that these costs are very high. Without knowing who is infected, the chain of infection cannot be broken, and as a result, the problem escalate. He writes that the pandemic is a matter of information.

Currently, in the follow-up book, The Pandemic Information Solution (Endeavour Literary Press, 2021), Gans, a professor of Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, outlines solutions to information gaps. Rapid and frequent screening can help control pandemics and restore normality. You can reduce the number of cases, break the chain of infections, and allow people to interact safely again.

This requires a change in thinking about testing, gathering the right information, and matching that information to the right decisions. We have the materials to do all these things. They need to be put together in a scalable and sustainable system. This book is a guide to the issues and trade-offs that policy makers and other key decision makers need to tackle and follow.

The ideas in this book provide the foundation for the CDL Rapid Screening Consortium. This is an initiative based at Rotman School’s Creative Destruction Lab. antigen A screen for a large workplace.

Joshua Gans is a professor of strategic management and Jeffrey S of the Rotman School of Management’s Technical Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Chairman of Skoll and Chief Economist of the Creative Destruction Lab. He holds a PhD from Stanford University and an Honorary Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Queensland. In 2012, he was appointed as a researcher at NBER in the Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Program. Lotman School teaches MBA and Lotman Commerce students entrepreneurial strategy.

The new book emphasizes the need for rapid and frequent screening to control pandemics

Source link The new book emphasizes the need for rapid and frequent screening to control pandemics

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