The new leader of the CDC follows science. Is that enough?

“Pause here, lose the script, and look back on the recurring feelings of imminent ruin,” she said with tears in her eyes. “We have a lot to look forward to, many promises and possibilities of where we are, and many reasons for hope, but now we are scared.”

Her ardent speech surprised many, perhaps just her husband. “She’s not a toucher. If anything, I choke much easier than she does,” he said. Her openness showed her “real anguish” about the state of the pandemic, he added. “She deeply felt the weight of 500,000 dead.”

On her urgent plea day, she appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, and vaccinated people saidDo not carry virus— CDC is overly optimistic Had to go backLater that week, new guidance from the agency said that vaccinated people could. Travel safelyBut Dr. Warrensky added that the agency didn’t really want them to travel at all, a stance that embarrassed some Americans.

According to scientists, the latest case, in which Dr. Warensky announced that vaccinated people can go indoors without a mask, is supported by the latest research. However, many havetened the decision to end the use of masks that new advice would produce, without considering some of the countries that are still prevalent and without grasping the conflict between distrust and culture. I felt like I went.

“The CDC understood the sciences of medicine and epidemiology correctly, but what they didn’t understand correctly was behavioral science, communication, and collaboration with other stakeholders,” said Dr. Gounder. .. “It was a big oversight.”

The data since the release seems to have proved correct by Dr. Warensky. Even if many of the countries reopen at a vigorous pace, infections are still declining. And as promised, agencies have set out to issue more practical masking guidance on settings like summer camps (almost no) and public transport (yes).

Dr. Warrensky and the CDC declined to comment on how the mask recommendations were processed. However, Dr. Fauci believed that some small mistakes were inevitable, and Dr. Warensky said it was a rapid study.

The new leader of the CDC follows science. Is that enough?

Source link The new leader of the CDC follows science. Is that enough?

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