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Frank de la Cruz was a community activist and librarian for the Pima County Library System.

Brenda Limon-Condit

By Lu Guerrero special to Arizona Daily Star

Frank de la Cruz, a community activist and librarian of the Pima County Public Library System, was instrumental in ensuring that the library’s collections reflected the voice and memory of the community.

When he died in 2015, a movement began to recreate a collection that reflects the history of Chicano / Mestizo in the southwestern border. The project was led by the Nuestras Raíces Committee of the Library, which is dedicated to celebrating and honoring the cultural, voice and linguistic heritage of the Latin community in Pima County.

This effort has created a collection that provides residents of Pima County with the opportunity to gain access to a broader perspective of our shared past.

Recently, two publishing industry surveys have repeated what colored races have known for decades. The book business lacks diversity.

This lack of expression, coupled with the sloping history taught at school, leads to a generation of young people who consider themselves exiles. The public library has helped me see the history of our country in ways that the school system has never supported. Even now, the traditional, highly Eurocentric view of recorded events keeps me and everyone else in the dark — including Americans of European descent.

History books and popular media consistently convey the reality of disrespecting those who are considered unrecognizable by the dominant culture.

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