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The new Thermo Scientific A45 Bus Circulator provides excellent performance and reliable results

Life Sciences, Research, and Industry Laboratories implementing temperature control applications were designed to enable significant water and energy savings while using hydrocarbon refrigerants with low global warming potentials (GWPs). A new range of digitally controlled bus circulators can be used to minimize the operational environmental footprint. .. Offering superior performance, ease of use, flexible and customizable cooling, heating and pumping capabilities, the Thermo Scientific A45 Bath Circulator maintains sample safety and integrity, providing reliable and reproducible results. promotes it.

Thermo Scientific A45 Bass Circulator-Inspired by Nature

Developed with sustainability and compliance at its core, the A45 Bus Circulator is fully compliant with EU and Canadian F gas regulations that require the use of ozone-friendly chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) -free refrigerants. These systems also meet the design specifications of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE). Depending on the needs of the individual application, the A45 bus circulator can be operated in energy-saving mode to reduce power consumption, reducing energy costs by up to 70%. Replacing tap water for heating and cooling can save water and further reduce costs.

The A45 Bus Circulator offers unmatched versatility. It can be configured with different heating and cooling capacities, sample volumes, and temperatures in the range of -45 ° C to 200 ° C to meet different requirements for a wide range of applications, including cell culture. Chemical analysis and food stability testing. Users can also choose from a wide selection of intuitive displays to suit their specific application needs, as well as accessories such as work area covers, racks / inserts, and heat transfer fluids. In addition, the powerful force of the system and the suction pump make it suitable for use in both open and closed applications.

Reliable temperature control is essential throughout life sciences, research, and industrial laboratories to ensure that the sample remains viable until it is used. With over 50 years of experience and expertise in temperature control technology, we design the new A45 bus circulator to provide our customers with a reliable and robust system for even the most demanding applications. Combined with world-class technology and field service support that guarantees the long-term performance of the A45 Bus Circulator, Thermo Fisher becomes a one-stop shop for temperature control solutions that improve productivity and peace of mind. “

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Vice President and General Manager of Control Temperature Technology, Mitchcoin

The A45 Bus Circulator features a user-programmable temperature alarm with a go-safe condition or shut-off option to facilitate unattended operation. The pump speed can be adjusted to three different levels for turbulence control, allowing the pump to operate more efficiently and last longer. Select up to 7 built-in languages ​​for seamless communication between different locations.

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The new Thermo Scientific A45 Bus Circulator provides excellent performance and reliable results

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