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The news you see may be important

By Robert Preidt
Health Day Reporter

Thursday, October 15, 2020 (HealthDay News)-Mask or No Mask? Is it a social distance?

New research suggests that media Americans consume problems when these decisions are made. Research has shown that people who are attracted to conservative television news are far less likely to follow COVID prevention guidelines.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 4,800 US adults who participated in a national online survey between April 1st and June 9th.

Participants were asked about COVID-19 preventative behavior over the past week, including hand washing and the use of face covers. They were also asked about dangerous behaviors such as going to bars and clubs, attending gatherings of 10 or more people, and visiting other people’s homes.

He was also asked how much he trusts 18 specialized media sources for COVID-19 information, including CNN and Fox News, the two largest media outlets in the United States.

Respondents used an average of three professional sources and about six other sources, including social media, friends, family, colleagues, and the White House, to learn about the coronavirus last week. was doing.

About 29% said they trust CNN more than Fox News. 20% said they trust Fox News more than CNN. More than half (52%) said they didn’t like it.

People who trusted CNN were more likely to follow precautions and were less likely to report dangerous behavior than those who trusted Fox News, according to a recent study published in an online journal. BMJ Global Health..

On average, CNN fans practiced an average of 3.85 preventive and 0.94 dangerous behaviors, while those who liked Fox News were 3.41 and 1.25, respectively.

Overall, older people, women, people with non-Hispanic Asian ethnic backgrounds, and the most educated people were more likely to follow preventive guidelines. Those who had a job but couldn’t work from home were least likely to do so. In this study, only relevance was observed and no cause or effect was identified.

“This study has many policy implications for the future development of COVID-19 and the general health message. In a very partisan environment, false information,” said the author, Erfei Zhao of the University of Southern California, Leonard. Can easily spread. ” Davis Gerontology School.

Compared to CNN, Fox News “consistently downplayed the risk of the virus for political gain,” the researchers said in a journal news release.

“Despite being one of the few effective ways to slow the spread of the virus in the absence of vaccines, the health message is destined to fail if the media prioritizes political interests over population health. “They concluded.

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