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Denver, Colorado 2021-09-13 20:28:45 –

Denver — Orange and Blue Clad Tail Gator is back at Mile High’s Empower Field. The only mask around here during the preseason was the miles the mascot wore on his head.

The NFL doors are in full operation for the first time since the pandemic began.

Fans returned with all their might last weekend at the opening round of Denver Broncos’ regular season against the New York Giants in New Jersey. Some people wore masks, but most did not. Some are vaccinated and others are not.

Fans are excited to see the Emperor Field lit up against the New York Jets for the regular season home opener in the two weeks of September 26th.

“I’m very excited,” said Josh Jargens. “one hundred percent.”

Limits vary from city to city, so let’s break it down a bit.

Only three NFL teams (Seattle Seahawks, Las Vegas Raiders, and New Orleans Saints) require fans to provide evidence of vaccination.

In Las Vegas, unvaccinated fans can take shots on-site and use masks to access them on the day.

Broncos and the other 28 teams allow vaccinated fans to participate without wearing masks, but unvaccinated fans must wear masks.

But in Empower Field and many other stadiums, it’s a kind of honor system. They do not check the vaccination status of each fan.

Also, a few teams, such as the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, and the Atlanta Falcons, need masks in their suites and closed space in the stadium. Other teams only encourage masks indoors.

“Hopefully you have enough responsibility to do the right thing for the people around you,” Jurgens said. “If we are all responsible adults, I think we’re okay.”

“The mask isn’t going to kill you,” said a woman named Vicky outside Empower Field on Monday. “But that will prevent you from killing someone else.”

Both she and her daughter said she wouldn’t immediately participate in a full-capacity game because she has a newborn baby.

“It’s just an unnecessary risk,” said her daughter Zoe. “There are many people in one place.”

“You need to wear a mask even when you’re outdoors and in a crowded area,” said Dr. Jared Eddy, an assistant professor of microbial and respiratory infections at National Jewish Health. “I think you know the moment we are now. The moment we are there is a significant increase in incidents throughout the United States.”

Eddy et al. State that the delta variant is more contagious. That’s why you need to be careful.

“I don’t go to the game right now,” Eddie said. “That is, the level of infection is too high. Someone used the analogy. Even when people are smoking and outdoors, they can smell the smoke from the people around them. And it’s It’s essentially like the aerosol that people produce when they cough, talk, or breathe. “

But enthusiastic football fans say they’re willing to do whatever it takes to be in the stadium on the day of the match, whether it’s a mask or evidence of vaccination.

“I think it would be great if it could keep their doors open and watch a football match on Sunday,” said Jargens.

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The NFL back at full-capacity, mask policies differ by team Source link The NFL back at full-capacity, mask policies differ by team

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