The number of cases of coronavirus in Massachusetts has increased by 744, one of the highest days since spring. – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2020-10-18 16:31:26 –

Health officials in Massachusetts reported on Sunday 14 deaths from the new coronavirus and 744 new cases. This is one of the highest cases in Bay since spring.

According to the state’s public health service, 14 new coronavirus deaths have resulted in 9,737 deaths from state COVID-19. The average daily death toll of coronavirus has dropped from a peak of 161 in May to 18 now.

The state recorded 143,660 cases of highly contagious diseases, an increase of 744 confirmed cases since Saturday. Of the total of 143,660 cases, at least 118,892 have recovered.

On Wednesday, Massachusetts health officials reported that 63 communities are currently in the high-risk category of coronavirus. This is a state record after 40 cities and towns were listed last week. The state-wide average is currently in the Red Zone.

The daily percentage of tested individuals who are positive continue to hover at approximately 4%. This figure in early September was between 1% and 2%, with a percentage of 5.0% on Thursday, 4.5% on Friday and 4.0% on Saturday. This is the latest date of available data.

The 7-day weighted average of state positive test rates dropped from 1.3% on Saturday to 1.2% on Sunday.

Coronavirus hospitalizations were reduced by 17 patients, bringing the total state COVID-19 hospitalizations to 483.

The highest hospitalization for coronavirus in Massachusetts was on April 21, at 3,965. The three-day average of coronavirus hospitalization jumped from 308 last month to 499 now.

Of the total 9,737 coronavirus deaths in the state, 6,278 are associated with long-term care facilities.

The state reported that 25,294 residents and health care workers in long-term care facilities are currently infected with the virus.

With an additional 15,588 tests, the state totaled over 5.1 million tests.

The ICU has 83 patients and currently 32 patients are intubated.

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