The number of suspicious COVID-19 cases in North Korea is approaching 2 million

Seoul, South Korea — North Korea reported another 262,270 suspects on Thursday COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) As the number of pandemic cases approached 2 million, cases one week after the country The outbreak was recognized Scrambled to delay infection in unvaccinated populations.

The country is also trying to prevent the fragile economy from further deteriorating, but the country lacks virus testing and other medical resources and dies to mitigate the political impact of authoritarian leaders on Kim Jong Un. The outbreak may be worse than officially reported, as it may underreport.

North Korea’s antivirus headquarters reported one additional death and increased its casualties to 63. Experts said it was unusually low compared to the suspected number of coronavirus infections.

According to the official report of the Korean Central News Agency, more than 1.98 million people have been suffering from fever since late April. Most are thought to be infected with COVID-19, but only a few confirmed Omicron variant infections. At least 740,160 people have been quarantined, the news agency reported.

Outbreak of virus North Korea's struggle
On May 16, 2022, people are watching a TV screen showing a news program in the image of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a station in Seoul, South Korea.

Lee Jinman / AP

Offshore nuclear test?

The outbreak of North Korea is provocative Demonstration of a series of weaponsIncludes testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles for the first time in almost five years in March. Experts say that the outbreak of COVID-19 pressures the United States to accept North Korea’s idea as a nuclear power and Kim’s brinkmanship policy aimed at negotiating economic and security concessions from a strong standpoint. I don’t think it will delay.

A South Korean espionage agency told parliamentarians Thursday that it said North Korea was almost ready to conduct a nuclear test. Door briefing.

The White House’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said Wednesday that US intelligence has shown “real potential.” north korea Another ballistic missile or nuclear test will be conducted, centered on President Joe Biden’s visits to South Korea and Japan, which will begin later this week.

Race to contain the outbreak

Pyongyang admitted the first COVID-19 infection on May 12, after maintaining the suspicious allegations that the virus had been taken out of the country for two and a half years, saying: Rapid spread since then.. Kim called this outbreak a “catastrophe.” Officials who were abused for spreading the virus Restricted the movement of people and goods between cities and regions.

Workers were mobilized to find people with suspected symptoms of COVID-19 and then sent to quarantine. North Korea is the main way to control the outbreak due to the lack of medicines and intensive care units that reduce COVID-19 hospitalization and mortality in other countries.

Signs can be seen on closed streets in fear of COVID-19 in Pyongyang
In this photo, released by Kyoto on May 18, 2022, signs can be seen on closed roads in Pyongyang, North Korea, amid growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

Kyodo via Reuters

Images of state media show health workers in hazmat suits guarding closed streets in Pyongyang, disinfecting buildings and streets, and delivering food and other supplies to apartment blocks.

Despite the huge number of sick people and efforts to curb outbreaks, state media describes a large group of workers who continue to gather on farms, mining facilities, power plants and construction sites. Experts say North Korea cannot shatter US-led sanctions on Kim’s nuclear weapons ambitions and the closure of the pandemic border and allow a blockade that would impede the production of an economy that had already collapsed due to mismanagement.

North Korea also needs urgent work to protect its crops from the drought that struck during the critical rice season. This is a nasty development in a country that has long suffered from food insecurity. State media also said Kim’s trophy construction project, including the construction of 10,000 new homes in the town of Hwason, is “promoting on schedule.”

The Korean Central News Agency reported that “all sectors of the national economy are maximizing production while adhering to epidemic measures by the party and the state.”

Members of the North Korean army are supplying medicine to the residents of the pharmacy in fear of COVID-19 in Pyongyang.
Members of the North Korean army are supplying medicines to pharmacies in this photo, released by Kyoto on May 18, 2022, amid growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19 in Pyongyang, North Korea. ..

Kyodo via Reuters

According to KCNA, anti-virus measures in the workplace include the separation of workers by occupation and the isolation of worker units at construction sites and their major metal, chemical, electrical and coal industries.

North Korea has already said that more than 1.2 million people have recovered, but South Korean lawmaker Ha Tae-keung said after the fever had subsided, authorities would remove people from quarantine facilities such as shelters and schools. It’s just released. briefing. There may be a shortage of medical equipment in the north, but there are enough thermometers to check the temperature, probably imported from China, Ha said.

Keypark, a global health specialist at Harvard Medical School, who has been working on medical projects in North Korea, said the number of new cases in North Korea should begin to decline as precautions are strengthened.

However, it will be difficult for North Korea to provide treatment to people who are already infected with a large number of COVID-19. Given the size of the cases, the death toll could probably reach tens of thousands, and international support is essential, Park said.

“The best way to prevent these deaths is to treat them with antiviral drugs like Paxrovid,” Park said. “This is much faster and easier to implement than sending a ventilator to build ICU capacity.”

Other experts say that providing a small number of vaccines to high-risk groups such as the elderly can prevent death, but at this stage a large vaccine is given to a population of 26 million. Inoculation is not possible.

However, it is unclear whether North Korea will accept external support. Vaccines provided by the UN-sponsored COVAX distribution program have already been avoided, and national leaders have expressed confidence that the country can overcome the crisis on its own.

Kim Tae-hye, deputy national security adviser to South Korea’s President Yoon Seok-yul, told reporters that North Korea had ignored its offer to help contain the outbreak from South Korea and the United States.

Experts said North Korea may be willing to accept aid from its major ally, China. The South Korean government said it could not confirm media reports that North Korea flew a plane to bring back emergency supplies from China this week.

The number of suspicious COVID-19 cases in North Korea is approaching 2 million

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