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Chicago(WGN) – Jim, Pam, Michael, and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s “The Office” crew live on with the glory of streaming and the new “The Office” experience.

The “The Office” experience, which opened in Chicago on Friday, takes Sitcom fans to Dander Mifflin. Visitors can be completely immersed in the largest official interactive fan experience ever.

The experience begins with recreation in the parking lot of the business park.

The double-decker exhibit has 17 rooms filled with original props and costumes. Spot-on-set recreation includes outside the Scranton Business Park, the main open office, Michael’s office, Pam’s desk, Ryan’s closet, and even an annex.

View from Pam’s desk (Photo: Tom Bernas / WGN-TV)

Everywhere you look, there are hidden details, from whiteboard notes to emails that remain open on a person’s desk. When you make a call, you may hear the character’s voice.

“If you’re a fan, you can spend hours with this little pen,” said one of the organizers behind the experience.

(See the video at the top of this story for a complete walkthrough and more details.)

Along the way, you’ll find a glass case with real show props and costumes, such as the Dundee trophy and the unicorn princess doll.

Easter eggs are waiting for you in the office experience (Photo: Tom Barnas / WGN-TV)

Other fun spots on Instagram include Kevin’s Chiris Pill, Beach Day, and the entire experience dedicated to Pam and Jim’s love story. Includes a romance timeline, Niagara Falls spots, and wedding chapel recreation.

The “The Office” experience will debut in Chicago, but will tour other US locations in the future.

Click for timed ticket entry and experience here.. General admission starts at $ 37.50.

‘The Office’ Experience makes its US debut: See inside Source link ‘The Office’ Experience makes its US debut: See inside

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