The Ohio State Fair May Be Canceled, But Its Mini Butter Cow Competition Is Not – Cleveland, Ohio

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Interested in DIY dairy products?

While Ohio State Fair Canceled Again With COVID in 2021, the American Dairy Association Middle East (ADA Middle East) continues at least one tradition. It’s a butter cow.

The annual production of giant butter cows and their calves has been a staple of Ohio’s state fairs since 1903. Due to the lack of fairs this year, ADA Mideast invites the general public to participate in a sculpture contest at home. ..

This is the second consecutive year that we have hosted our own Butter Beef Challenge. This year’s contest starts on July 19th and runs until August 8th.To participate, the sculptor has a photo of his work ADA Mideast Facebook page Upload your photos (with comments) or with the hashtag #BuildYourButterCow and tag your ADAM ideast Twitter or Instagram account.

The winning mini butter cow will be announced on August 9, and the winner will be given a Yeti cooler “to keep the butter masterpiece cool,” says ADAM ideast.

Butter cow lovers don’t have to blindly mold their masterpieces. For over 20 years, Fair’s chief butter cow sculptor, Paul Brook, has created a step-by-step video showing how to make butter cows. According to ADA Mideast, all you need to get started is “latex gloves, a 12” x 6 “wooden board, and at least 2 pounds of butter.” The organization also recommends “craft tools” and armature wires.

A typical Ohio State Butter Cow uses over 2,000 pounds of butter to make it, says ADAMideast, the most visited attraction at the fair.

“Butter displays are booming every year by Ohio’s technical engraving team. Ohio spends more than 400 hours carefully carving details in a 46-degree cooler box,” reads the release. “Displays have evolved with tradition, and sculptors are creating increasingly elaborate designs to live with butter and calves in coolers.”

Past vignettes pay tribute to Ohio’s historic moments, including the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 landing on the moon, the movie “Christmas Story,” and the victory of Ohio State Backeyes and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I will.

“I’m really looking forward to making butter cows every summer. I love sharing the joy of making these unique sculptures with everyone. In the future, some butter sculptors will start making their own mini butter cows. Maybe, but there’s no doubt that everyone, even non-artists, will have a good time, “sculptor Brooke said in a release. “The entire team is eager to return to Butter Cooler next year to come up with new ways to recreate Ohio’s iconic moments, symbols and history with butter. This will surprise the fair crowd. ”

The Ohio State Fair May Be Canceled, But Its Mini Butter Cow Competition Is Not Source link The Ohio State Fair May Be Canceled, But Its Mini Butter Cow Competition Is Not

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