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The other side of suffering is prosperous. Here’s how to get there:

For simplicity, Dr. Grant introduced two people who could benefit from knowing each other, and sent articles and podcast links to friends for a daily “five minutes of favor.” We recommend that you start with.

Even simple chats with strangers and even momentary bonds with new people, especially researchers High quality connection Occurs. “They don’t have to be lasting relationships or long interactions,” Dr. Grant said. “When you talk to strangers on the plane or subway, or when someone greets you at a restaurant, you may feel extra spring at your feet.”

The moments we see and meet with respect and enthusiasm help us to inspire, invigorate and build bonds within our neighborhood and community.

Once you’re out of your pandemic life, try to reconnect with the communities you missed. You may also practice church or choir, return to a running group or yoga class, or play at a local coffee shop. And don’t be afraid to chat with strangers, reconnect with baristas, or start a conversation at the dog park.

What are you looking forward to every day? What makes sense in your life? Studies show that prosperity comes from everyday life, learning, connecting, and small moments of meaning, such as working on new skills and reaching out to thank those you care about in your life.

Corey Keyes, a professor of sociology at Emory University, said: “It’s not enough to feel good about life.”

Work does not have to be the main impetus behind your sense of purpose, Research shows You can increase your satisfaction by restructuring what you think about your work. Deepening relationships with colleagues and remembering how your work contributes to greater profits can change your way of thinking about your work. For example, insurance agents can enrich their work by recognizing their work as a way to help people recover after an accident, rather than focusing on the hassle of handling claims. I will.

The other side of suffering is prosperous. Here’s how to get there:

Source link The other side of suffering is prosperous. Here’s how to get there:

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