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The winning team will play what it takes to win. As Pats and Cam Newton learned last year, the losing team doesn’t.

David Andrews of the New England Patriots Center turned to quarterback Mac Jones after losing an NFL football match to the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 12, 2021. AP

Beautiful, bright, and late summer Sunday, there was a moment when the upgrades were revealed and the promises of these new patriots were revealed.

The first was the first snap from Scrimmage, which came with a 35-yard tone-setting scanper from Damien Harris.Another person arrived slow Mac Jones The perfect path made to James White on the third down wheel route floated so accurately and so softly that when he landed in the captain’s hand, he just seemed to be catching the ball. I felt a sense of security from the rookie quarterback. region. Then, a total of 14 catches (and touchdowns) from Tua Tagovailoa’s licking Matt Judon, who provokes interception, and four targets who joined the linebacker as part of the Patriots’ free agent frenzy this spring. )had.

That spending was devoted to raising the level of Foxborough’s talent, and even after just one game, these patriots are better than those players they were brought in to take turns. There is no doubt that. Still, that one game is still extending the skid, and the Patriots have dropped four out of five until December last year, so 17-16 defeated by dolphins One big question arises about this bunch — and the success of this season may depend on the answer.

How long does it take for these patriots to learn how to win?

For 20 years, the Patriots and victory have been synonyms. Many contribute not only to coaches and quarterbacks, but also to a culture that has been established and established in many successful processes. The so-called Patriot Way is probably a bit overrated and abused as a vague, stale catch-all for those trying to explain the illogical dynasty, but the concept is not completely without merit. Under Bill Belichick, especially with Tom Brady at the center, one of the Patriots’ most decisive advantages is having an accurate understanding of what it takes to win the game in the NFL. It seemed to be there.

Therefore, the coach categorized it simply as “disappointment,” but Sunday’s retreat could approach the cause of a more amplified alert if it proved to be a precursor to what was to come. .. New England has won 134 yards more from the Line of Scrimmage than Miami. It held the ball for another 13 minutes. It has also converted 7 third downs. Unfortunately, it didn’t allow the bag after the first series and never went three out. Defensively, Pat did not allow dolphins to eat either the 200-yard transit yard or the 100-yard rush yard.

However, for all of its statistical dominance, the Patriots maintained their lead in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds of play. They dragged the last 26 minutes and couldn’t overcome the dolphin’s advantage, which didn’t exceed 7 points.

The most obvious reason was painfully obvious. It was a killer that Harris failed within his 10-yard line with a go-a-headfield goal that looked like the worst scenario in the second half of the fourth quarter. Of the eight penalties that the Patriots officially cost 84 yards, at least two do not include the 13 that would bring them within a few inches from the end zone if they did not swipe the holding call in the second quarter.

But not as terrible as the four fumbles and so many flags were destined, but almost the same damaging disappointment eventually became an important branch of the game. It became part of the point. The Patriots attack had three separate 14-play series, each covering at least 57 yards and swallowing a watch for at least five and a half minutes. Earn a total of 9 points with 42 snaps and possession time at 20:34. New England recorded a touchdown only once in every four trips to the Red Zone. In Patriots terminology, they bent Brian Flores’ defense, but couldn’t break it.

On the contrary, the Dolphins turned on both trips at the Patriots 20. Miami netted an attack of just 95 yards on seven drives that didn’t record a touchdown, and only 4-11 on the third down. , But two chances it had to hit, it hit. As before the half, when the dolphin took over at 2:30 on the clock, he picked up 45 yards to create a field goal.
And the same is true when the dolphin penalty moves the fish from 5th to 1st and 14th after Harris’s fumble. The Patriots had three time-outs and the regulation remained at 3:31. If their defense could force a punt, Pat would be a decent return and Nick Falk would directly compare their leadback turnover to Kamnewton’s devastating gift at Buffalo last season. Kicked from making a bullet that was avoided rather than.

But that’s the difference. The winning team will play what it takes to win. As Pats and Newton learned last year, the losing team doesn’t.

The losing team doesn’t spend money on a long drive. The losing team does not use the red zone. The losing team will not fail within the field goals. The losing team is bullied at one goal line, leaving the vulnerable young QB in the shadow of the other.

Patriots fans have seen the winning team for nearly 20 years, committing untimely, unforgivable turnovers, deflation, drive-destroying penalties, and teaming enemies who failed at the game’s most obvious inflection points. I’m used to seeing the celebration. They lament the lost opportunity on the way from Gillette Stadium and are dissatisfied with the lack, or justified to win, even though they feel they are probably a better team. A game that has good shots or they are ripe for taking.

Sunday was the opposite. On Sunday, the script was flipped over, almost completely reversed, and it was the Patriots himself who left the field with that regret. Given that Miami is a rival in the playoff ambitions, it’s a regret that it could stab them in the coming months, but it’s just a failure for Sunday to return to the fight, and this is the Patriots. Assuming it’s not a sign to warn you that you’re a team There’s a long way to go before you grow.

Talent is there. These new people can play. A new era has begun.
But that also means that the old days are over. A mass of Patriots aura was trucked to Tampa Bay with Tom Brady. Less than half of Sunday’s starters still won the Super Bowl LIII title three years ago. Then New England went out and lost the game in the exact way they had beaten them for years.

How quickly this talent can fulfill its promise can depend on how quickly they learn not to make it happen again.

The Patriots must learn how to win — and fast Source link The Patriots must learn how to win — and fast

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