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The Patron Anejo Margarita Kit from Jarocho Pescados y Mariscos – Kansas City, Missouri

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For some reason, time hasn’t * actually * shifted and we’re celebrating our first anniversary. The great turmoil of COVID-19 in our lives.

Prior to the pandemic and all this home time, cocktail making at home (at least in my case) was still basically reserved for parties and celebrations. I want to be a person who enjoys muddlers, shrubs, peeling, creative and interesting things, but the reality is that I never do that. But I like cocktails on the pouch, so simple and tasty recipes are what we work on.

One classic cocktail that has always been the best, always good, and at-home standby is the Margarita. A punchy tart that is very refreshing when properly balanced and is just as good for snacks as good food. There are no ambiguous or hard-to-find ingredients. Easy.

If there was one small silver lining for COVID-19 and the new Stay-at-home Order, it would be a major cultural and legal (and perhaps temporary) change in the tolerance of carry-out cocktails. And while I can make a decent margarita myself, the pros will certainly always get better here.

Sure, but not all, many restaurants go for cocktails. For a solid Margarita, the best bet is to explore and stop at Southwest Boulevard. Mission octopus joint For Jenn Tossato recipes, or Brookside Barrio (Surprisingly, I have the second favorite Margarita in KC with the option of spicy pepina / cucumber).

The real winner is the Patron Anejo kit. Jarocho For $ 40 Pescados y Mariscos, take home a 375ml bottle of barrel-aged Patron Anehotequila (which alone costs $ 30 at a liquor store) and homemade agave syrup. Second, what makes the real difference: freshly squeezed oranges, lemons and lime juice. Whole lime; a small lamekin of tagine (Mexican chili lime seasoning) for soaking the edges of the glass. Adopting a standard tequila-triple-sec-lime-salt configuration, it comes back with 10 times better versions of each, from tequila itself to fresh fruits and salt. Each kit makes about 6 cocktails. You can also choose something from Carlos Falcon’s fresh seafood menu for a truly unfair fight.

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The Patron Anejo Margarita Kit from Jarocho Pescados y Mariscos Source link The Patron Anejo Margarita Kit from Jarocho Pescados y Mariscos

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