The perfect exercise when working from home

Many people work from home these days. Ailments and tensions quickly develop as it is typically not designed for long-term labor and as you stay in the same position for a longer time. It is therefore crucial to keep moving.

At home, you often do not have the optimal working position, making it even more crucial to make up for this by moving around a bit. Your heart rate and blood circulation will somewhat rise thanks to these activities. When we sit in front of the computer, we will also do a little stretching on the muscles that are frequently at rest.

Exercise 1:

Get up from your computer, read our advice here, and put it to the test! We start by stretching the thighs. Go out in a wide leg position. Try to reach down to the other foot. There’s nothing to be disappointed about if you do not come all the way down! Try as far as you can. It is important to have good rotation in the upper body; the back needs it. We also get a little stretch in the back of the legs.

Exercise 2:

We have allowed the legs to move a little, and the heart has increased a bit. It is now time to get started on the upper body. The first thing you should do is to start a completely normal arm swing where we feel that the arm is allowed to swing from the front to the back. We can either take every other arm or 5x on one side and 5x on the other side. If you have pain in your shoulders, you can skip this. You can also choose to look for the arm and let your head follow the arm. It may be easier to take one arm at a time. Then we get even greater rotation in the neck and back.

Exercise 3:

Now it is time for the shoulders to work a little. This is a familiar exercise to many. Start by pushing your shoulders up towards your ears and then backwards in a circle. The purpose of this exercise is to use the muscles that are around the entire neck and shoulder area. If you can manage, then bring your shoulders up while you inhale. Towards the ears. And on exhale, the shoulders should go together behind and slide down. See and see if you feel that you have a relaxed neck and arms while doing the exercise; otherwise, try to relax them.

Exercise 4:

Now we’ll let the pulse drop a little. We are going to stretch the muscles on the front of the chest. We put our hands together behind our backs. For some, this is difficult. For those who can manage, you can think that the sternum will go up to the ceiling. Pull the shoulder blades between the shoulders together and feel that you get a stretch on the front of the sternum and out towards the shoulders.



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