The Princess Diaries Heather Matarazzo has a strong opinion on Lily: See

“Listen silently!” Heather MatarazzoPlayed Lily in the 2001 Classic Princess Diaries, There were some important ideas to share about her personality.

“This is a question I often ask. This is a deal. I know that the opinions and feelings I had when I was a teenager are not the same as the opinions and feelings I have as an adult. “I’m sorry,” said Matarazzo, 38, recently. Ticktaku.. “What I like about Lily is that she had enough self-awareness to admit when she was wrong. This is not what I can say for many adults. [For instance], She said very clearly ‘I needed to adjust my posture.‘”

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In a movie celebrating its 20th anniversary next month, Lily blames her best friend Mia (Anne Hathaway), “Transforming” into one of the mean girls at school after discovering that she is a princess.

“I think the truth was that she was afraid to lose her best friend,” continued a New Yorker. “She was afraid that her new” status “would change her. And I also realize, yeah, she said some truth. “Your dad has died for three months, haven’t you exceeded that yet?” No. A moment that deserves a cleansing. But don’t you think that is the point of human beings? To learn, grow, evolve and become more open-minded and open-minded as we grow older? “

Matarazzo wants to showcase her character’s growth in another movie someday.

“If there is [Princess Diaries 3], I want to be completely, fully involved. Without Lily, Mia wouldn’t be there, so she would be involved, “she said. “But more importantly, if there was a third movie, her personality would grow and develop while maintaining her core essence of fighting for the weak and remaining a real girlfriend. It was. “

Klinji Princess Diary Heather Matarazzo has a strong opinion on Lily

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Hathaway, 38, said in January 2019: The third movie was a sure possibility, Attention during appearance See what happens with Andy Cohen The cast and crew wanted to be “perfect” for the fans, so they took the time.

“I have a script for the third movie. I have a script,” she said at the time. “I want to do it. [Julie Andrews] I want to do it. Debra Martin Chase, Our producer wants to do that.We are all I really want to make it happen.. “

Besides Andrews, 85, Hathaway and Matarazzo, Princess Diaries With star Hector Elizondo, Mandy Moore, Caroline Goodall, Robert Shwartzman, Sean O’Bryan And Sandra Oh.. Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement It was released in August 2004, three years after the first movie.

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The Princess Diaries Heather Matarazzo has a strong opinion on Lily: See

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