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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — “Happy Ever After” was found to be full of punches, kicks and sword slashes.

The enthusiastic martial arts film features the title character as a whirlwind dealing with the death of revenge, turning a typical maiden into its ears with a painful metaphor.

Joey King starred as an unnamed title character, refusing to marry a matchmaking with Megalomania and soon facing brutal consequences. Dodging the endless onslaught of her assassin, she escapes from prisoners and dispatches her enemies with extreme prejudice.

Director Le-Van Kiet keeps pace and rarely pauses in a breathtaking manner for the spectators.

All the characters are super serious, but the material has an essential sense of humor and irony. Along the way, the film’s visuals and dialogue continue to delve into typical fairy tales and take every opportunity to overturn familiar metaphors.

Despite the non-stop flow of action, the movie could have been boring if it lacked a charismatic star. But King, best known as the protagonist of Netflix’s romantic series “Kiss Booth,” shows her unprecedented strength and athletic performance.

She resents the proto-feminist thirst for justice, ridicules all the ridicule, mansplaining, and dispatching intimidating enemies against her. Some female combatants also participate in the conflict, but the determined tone is one of the oppressed female victories over male domination. It’s a refreshing pace change in the realm of pop culture that has long been dominated by controlling male characters who are struggling to control a helpless maiden.

The content and execution is slim, but “The Princess” is so attractive and fun that it cannot be ignored. Prospering with an abundance of victorious sensations, this movie is a refreshing summer pastime singing like a scabbard blade sway.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

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‘The Princess’ turns fairy tale fables inside out with martial arts flair Source link ‘The Princess’ turns fairy tale fables inside out with martial arts flair

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