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No problem Dunes.

very. Go see it. Director Dennis Villeneuve (Director Dennis VilleneuveArrival, Blade Runner: 2049) Created a big, fat and nerdy sci-fi epic worth seeing in the theater. It will be held simultaneously (today) on HBO Max, but attention to the vast range and visual details of the movie rewards viewing in premium format.

It’s true that this is not your garden variety fast and furious. This is not your refreshing, family friendly Xiangqi. It’s so crazy, dense, and disoriented that science fiction masterpieces have long been thought to be crazy, dense, and sometimes disoriented. There are confusing words, titles, and trinkets.

Moreover, it is much more political than the average space opera in the sense that the plot has something to do with politics. “Dunes” is another name for the planet Arakis, and the story is all about leadership there and the production of its abundant natural resources called “spices”. Initially, the planet was on the order of the Emperor, including Dune Let Atreides (Oscar Isaac) and his son Paul (Timothy Chalamet), a Messianic figure who was greeted with hope and admiration by the Dune people. Was given to the family of. ..

Clan Atreides and his lieutenant (Josh Brolin and the cleanly shaved Jason Momoa in it) will shuttle from their home planet to take command, but be careful. They recognize that the gifts of the empire are bound by more epic political controversy, and Duke recognizes the benefits of forming an alliance with the indigenous peoples of the planet.

Note that the palace plot is dominant, but there is much less sex and violence than the classic episodes. game of Thrones. The greatest thrill of seeing Dunes We see Frank Herbert’s original vision come true with Villeneuve’s talented hands. Like all the best science fiction, learning about the new imaginary world: law, legends, geography, weapons, etc. has almost academic thrills. Costumes, production designs, special effects — not to mention Hans Zimmer’s score. — Faithful to both the spirit and text of Herbert’s original 1965 novel, it reinforces the script that does its best to keep the audience out of the gate with a plethora of information.

Dunes You may not be able to make huge profits from this weekend’s box office compared to a budget of at least $ 116 million, but that’s a “problem” if you’re a soulless studio hack. I’m sorry. Birneuve is ready to start filming the second half of his epic (think of it as a two-part) as soon as possible, and it would be foolish for Warner Bros. to give this king a green light.

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The Problem With Dune | Scene and Heard: Scene’s News Blog Source link The Problem With Dune | Scene and Heard: Scene’s News Blog

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