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The proceedings accuse Amazon of “systematic” racism in corporate offices


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March 2, 2021 Inc’s manager said Monday that he sued online retailers for discrimination, hiring blacks to lower positions than white workers, slowing them to promote and being harassed.


The proceedings from Charlotte Newman, Head of Business Development for Black Amazon Web Services, said the company “insurmountable discrimination, despite a commitment to combat racism and a statement of solidarity from CEO Jeff Bezos. He said he was suffering from “systematic patterns”.

Seattle-based Amazon did not receive immediate comments. The complaint was filed in federal court in Washington, DC.

Newman, a graduate of Harvard Business School and a former adviser to U.S. Senator Cory Booker, said Amazon moved to senior management by hiring her for a more junior role that was overrated in 2017. He said he delayed his promotion for two and a half years. -Leveling reduces the rewards for a company’s stock.
She also accused her male boss of using racial metaphors, calling her “aggressive,” “too direct,” and “just scary,” and another male colleague said she. Sexually harassed and once pulled her braid “You can leave behind this.”

both A man was also nominated as a defendant, and a colleague was dismissed, according to the proceedings. His lawyer could not be identified immediately.

Newman seeks compensatory and punitive damages.She is represented by Douglas Wigder was also the agent for a woman who sued former film producer Harvey Weinstein and Fox News for harassment and discrimination.

Amazon has been working to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Its cloud computing chief in September Andy JassyBezos’ successor to Amazon CEO gave a keynote speech at the Black Employee Network Entrepreneurs Conference.

News site Recode last week reported allegations of racial disparity in Amazon’s promotion and performance evaluation.

Amazon is also facing a lawsuit alleging that it abused workers in the facility’s handling of a coronavirus pandemic.

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The proceedings accuse Amazon of “systematic” racism in corporate offices

Source link The proceedings accuse Amazon of “systematic” racism in corporate offices

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