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The process of placing a dental implant – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — Unless you’ve used dental implants or are familiar with dentistry, you may not know the process of replacing a missing tooth. Once placed, the prosthetic tooth functions and looks much like a natural tooth.

When you look at the x-ray of the implant, it looks like a screw embedded in the jawbone. This is essentially because it is. Dr. Fred Guerra, DMD of Guerra Dental in Colorado Springs, said: Then screw the implant into the bone. Bone has different densities. Sufficient bone density is required to support the implant. “

This process may sound horrifying or painful, but Dr. Gera says paralyzing drugs and dental technicians are modern miracles. “I think people should know. Most dentists will make sure that the actual placement of the implant is a relatively comfortable procedure. If tooth extraction is needed, the root canal or very much. When dealing with sensitive teeth, it’s not like extracting teeth. It’s so easy to paralyze the bones that the actual procedure is quick and comfortable. “

Once the implant is placed, the abutment or post is attached to the abutment, the crown is placed on the abutment, and the implant assembly is complete. Dr. Gera says you’re basically as good as new, but it says: It replaces the missing tooth. Therefore, whether it is a single implant or multiple implants, use the best possible prosthesis to repair the lost tooth. NS number one The solution is to get the dental treatment needed to prevent the loss of these tooth structures in the first place. “

In the next story, Dr. Gera talks about why people need implants and shares a big question to ask a dentist before performing implant surgery.

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