The prompt COVID inspection promised by Trump arrives in Fresno. Where are they used? – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2020-10-16 21:42:19 –

The Fresno County Public Health Service is planning to deploy the 18,000 rapid COVID-19 tests that the Trump administration wanted to be used to quickly reopen schools.

They are one of about 100 million tests that the federal government distributes to the state. Interim County Health Officer Dr. Rais Vohra announced that he had been inspected during a video call with a reporter on Friday afternoon.

The test can provide results in 15 minutes

Vohra says the new test is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. For credit card sizes, the test is the first one that does not require any special computer equipment to process. Although not as reliable as the results of throat and nasal swabs, the new test gives results in symptomatic patients in about 15 minutes.

County leaders will meet next week to decide where to place them. The Trump administration recommended them to schools, but it was not a directive.

Wherever they went, Vohra said someone in the field would be trained by the county to deliver results not only to patients, but also to the county’s health department for disease monitoring.

Satisfied with the county’s COVID tier status

Vohra said he was pleased that the county would stay in the state’s “red” class to reopen this week and that companies such as restaurants could continue their indoor operations. He said the county numbers would have been stronger if more daily tests had been done.

The state grants additional credits to the weekly COVID-19 metric for counties that meet certain test thresholds. Vohra says the state wants to see 2,300-2,500 tests a day for a county about the size of Fresno. “We usually do about 2,000 tests a day,” he said.

According to Vola, restaurants, cinemas, salons and other companies in Fresno County are largely compliant with indoor capacity limits ranging from 10% to 25%.

GVWire℠ asked Vohra if he had any complaints in his office related to a breach of the COVID-19 rule.

“I think it really tells us how well everyone is doing,” Vohra said.

COVID-19 Compliance Complaints

However, at least one restaurant in Fresno has recently been warned after a video showing that capacity and spacing limits have not been met.

Miguel Arias, President of the Fresno City Council, has obtained a video recorded at the Las Micheladas Restaurant on East Shaw Avenue. In it, you can see a lot of people dancing nearby without wearing a mask.

The city’s enforcement authorities confirmed that they had received a complaint about Rasmichelada and, after an investigation, notified the operator.

Watch a video of Las Micheladas Restaurant here

Kaware Delta Medical Center Allows Visitors Again

With the continued reduction in hospitalization due to COVID-19, Caware Delta will resume selective surgery, which will come into effect on Monday, and the medical center will change the policy of visitors.

“The world has changed. There were mountains and valleys in the pandemic. Gary Herbst, CEO of Kaware Delta, said in an email, and the medical center has about 20 COVID-19 people most days. He says he is treating patients and is declining from the hospital’s record high of 91 COVID. Patients in July. “We recently got into a teenager. It’s the break we wanted. is.”

Due to changes in visitor policy, patients at the Kaware Delta Medical Center, who are not normally isolated by COVID-19 (excluding emergency department patients and patients undergoing surgery), are typically treated daily from 8 am to 8 am 1 You can have a unique visitor of a person. Provided them in the afternoon:

  • Pass the COVID-19 screening before 6 pm at the entrance to Asekia Avenue in the hospital.
  • Recently, the COVID-19 test is not positive.
  • Not in quarantine for COVID-19 (pending tests, exposure, etc.).
  • I am over 12 years old.
  • Wear a surgical face mask.
  • Stay in the hospital room unless you use the toilet or eat.

Herbst said unique visitors are allowed, but it is one visitor per patient per day, not multiple visitors who rotate for one hour at a time.

Halloween guidance

Dr. Wraith Vola, Interim Health Officer, Fresno County

“If there is a gathering of people indoors who don’t wear masks, it’s very, very dangerous. And it really shouldn’t be done this year.”– –Dr. Wraith Vola, Interim Health Officer, Fresno County, Halloween

According to newly announced state guidance, many traditional Halloween celebrations, such as parties, face-to-face, and door-to-door visits, are at high risk of spreading COVID-19 and can endanger family and loved ones.

“If there is a gathering full of people indoors who don’t wear masks, it’s very, very dangerous, and it really shouldn’t be done this year,” Vohra said.

According to state guidance, the safest way to celebrate Halloween is to spend time with or effectively celebrate it with people in the same household.

Although low risk, specific options for capturing holiday enjoyment include:

  • Build a haunted house or candy scavenger hunt in your home
  • Enjoy scary movie nights and Halloween-themed activities (pumpkin sculpture, face painting) at home
  • Participation in online parties / contests (costumes, pumpkin sculptures, etc.)
  • Participate in car-based outings where people stay in the car, such as drive-in events, contests, and movies.Driving an area with a Halloween display
  • Eat Halloween-themed meals with your family (following all other collection guidelines, to eat outdoors, alone or up to two other households except your own)
  • Enjoy a Halloween-themed art installation at an open-air museum with your family
  • Dress up your home or garden with Halloween-themed decorations
  • Only family members can give snacks at home.
  • Send carefully selected playlists and themed treats (or tricks) to your friends in advance.
  • Design a face mask that reflects your kids / kids Halloween outfits
  • Prepare a Halloween basket for your kids or a Halloween hunt in your backyard

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