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Since its formation in London in the late 70’s, The Psychedelic Furs has been excellent at creating its own post-punk brand.

“I think we’re the missing link between punk and alternative,” says bassist Tim Butler. “When we started punk, we were writing and composing something like Roxy Music. We took in the energy of punk and added it to those bands to create a unique sound.”

Last year’s band’s tour plan was put on hold for a pandemic, but they made up for it with a release. Made of rain, Their first album since 1991.

“”It was suspended from 1992 to 2000. When we started to get together again, 20 years after we came back together, we still had ideas for songs that had been passed down in the past. ” Butler. “But I was always nervous that the songs we were writing wouldn’t stand up alongside some of the so-called classic fur songs. It was really nervous to actually go and record.

“But a few years ago, we came to the point where we were listening to the demo, and we all said to each other,” Well, we have great album qualities. ” And in the middle of the tour, I was musically firing on all cylinders. I just thought, “Let’s get in while we’re together, playing well together, and recording this song.” “

The band recorded the album in a two-week session. In many cases, I recorded the song in two or three takes and chose the best one. “This is really the first album we didn’t overburn, think too much, or overdub,” Butler says. “I think it’s so fresh, and I think it’s our old one and confronts it.”

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The band is excited to go out and share these songs with their fans. “We’ve been off the road for almost two years. It’s been almost two years since we actually met the other members of the band, which is bad enough. My brother [Richard], I have never met him in person, “Butler says. “It’s exciting and you’ll be back on stage to play new material … we’re excited. Hopefully the audience is excited. Thanks to the new album, it’s two. It’s really exciting. So I can’t wait. “

NS Shepherd Express I recently caught up with Butler and talked about returning to the studio and the band’s legacy.

What will happen to these songs when the band’s latest album is a year old?

It’s been a while since I made the new album, so when the album came out I was ready to come out and play the song. And it was postponed. Everyone was really depressed. But now we are preparing to go out. And we’re really excited to be able to actually go out and play new songs in front of people. I’m certainly an older fan because I know people have been waiting for new fur stuff for quite some time. So I think it’s exciting from their point of view, but it’s definitely from our point of view.

Does any of the songs have a deeper and different kind of meaning to you now?

Yes. NS [album title] It’s basically about death, but it’s in my head. In this pandemic, I have diabetes and asthma, so I’m at risk of getting it and dying. So if I get it, I’m even more at risk.

I think it’s really right for the time we are experiencing. It’s a dark and moody album, and I think last year was a dark, moody and gloomy year.

Which song was the most surprising to write or record?

The most surprising thing was “Don’t believe”. It was the base riff I had. Initially it was poetry and chorus. But we were in the studio, I started playing riffs and Rick started writing lyrics to it. He said, “Keep it going.” And I said, “Oh, that also has a chorus.” And he says, “No, no, just keep playing in that ditch.” And I did, and it got together really soon. Probably recorded and overdubbed in 2 days.

The band reunited in 2000 after a break. How is this run in this band similar and different from the first run?

I think we just learned, as we did in the 80’s. You learn to write and compose from album to album, and you improve when you hear what you hear around you, and you are influenced by what you hear musically around you, whether jazz or folk. And I think the difference from the year 1993 to 2000 is that we all listen to our albums and our favorite bands. And when we went together, it all melted together.

It’s the current sound, but it’s definitely a psychedelic fur, but you can stand up in bands like Coldplay and the Arctic Monkeys. It’s not an outdated sound.

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I think it’s good to have fans for generations.

Oh yeah.Our older fans have been with us since the early 80’s, but I think there are a lot of fans who have heard about us by being on our soundtrack. Please call me by my name Soundtrack with Stranger Things, It made them check our old work. And many bands check our name in our dormant state and say we have a great influence like The Killers.

We played The Greek Theater in Los Angeles with The Killers, but they asked us to do “Pretty in Pink” with us. So we were with them and did a “Pretty in Pink”. It was cool.

It just shows the young audience that their new hero or something was influenced by us and of course other bands. But I think that’s how our music came to a young audience. So 16 to 60 spectators will go to our show.

What are your favorite memories of the early days of the band?

I think about 60,000 people set foot on the Los Angeles Forum in the 1980s, but the tour manager said it was “sold out.” And we thought, “Wow, we’ve done that.”

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