The Purdue document details the role of the Sackler family in opioid marketing. – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2020-10-27 19:42:54 –

MThe embers of the Suckler family, which dominated Purdue Pharma, take advantage of the controversial sale of oxycontin analgesics to “expand” financial goals and target higher prescribers to drive stronger doses This put pressure on executives to increase opioid market share. Documents published by the Parliamentary Commission.

Internal emails, slide decks, and piles of financial charts help reinforce previous impressions (collected from years of proceedings) about how the infamous pharmaceutical company was run by a secret clan. .. The document also mentions how members of the Suckler family treated one of their opioids as a “cash cow” and withdrew about $ 10 billion from Purdue University’s financial resources since 2008.

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