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Matthew Ziegan, CBS Boston

Boston (CBS) — We’re looking forward to the 2021 Patriots season Specific story It will catch our attention throughout the season. Today we dive into a revamped group of New England tight ends. If they are healthy, they will bring some havoc this season.

The receiver uncertainty highlighted earlier may not be as important as in the last few years as the Patriots added two stud tight ends during the off-season of John Nusmith and Hunter Henry. Given that the Patriots lost their positions in 2020, tight-end production should increase by 1,000 percent in 2021.

It was cruel from a tight end point of view, so I’m leaving last year. This year should be much better as we’re back in the era when the team had two monsters in that position.

Smith is the king of YAC and poses a major play threat whenever he has the ball in his hand. In his first pre-season game with Washington, he turned what was supposed to be a short reception into a 16-yard gain, and when he lost a lot of defenders along the way, he could easily get a glimpse of this.

Certainly easy money.

And then there’s Henry, who gives Jones a monster target in the end zone. All four TD receptions with the Chargers last season took place in the red area, with three out of five in 2019. He will get a lot of attention when his opponent’s defense turns his back on the end zone. A field for everyone else on the offense.

You should see a lot of this tight end duo in the field at the same time. This hasn’t been seen in New England for quite some time. That should mean great for the attacks of Mac Jones and the rest of the Patriots.

Following the first practice of the first week on Monday, Smith said of his relationship with Henry: – That’s the biggest part ever. We have backs to each other, so it’s definitely good to have such people around. Some of my games are rubbed against him, his games are rubbed against me and we go with them. “

“It’s fun,” Henry added. “We missed it for a moment at the camp, both of us weren’t there. But when we roll out there, it’s a good competition. I’m with him in the field I love being able to build that chemistry. I’ll tell him how I see things and how he sees things. He’s a great player and will continue to improve. I’m happy to be in the room with you. “

The biggest concern for both newcomers is whether they can stay healthy. Smith suffered an ankle injury after the first match before the season and hasn’t seen any action in the match since. He should be good to go in the first week, but missing time in the first camp with a new team is never a good thing. Henry was also smashed in the camp, suffering a shoulder injury and had zero pre-season snaps. They both worked in the driving range, but the first week will be their first extended action with the New England attack.

Henry sounded confident in wearing a suit for the first week with Miami on Monday.

“I’m just getting better every day and trying to apply myself every day. Get ready to go when you arrive on Sunday,” he said.

If either goes down, the gap will only be filled by the tight end Devin Ashashi in the second year. He had a weird training camp and had a rough rookie season after no pre-season, but showed signs that he could be a solid backup during this year’s exhibition game.

If Smith and Henry are healthy, they will give the Patriots two incredibly talented and aggressive players from tight-end positions. However, their health is their number one factor that will have a major impact after 2021.

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