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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-07-01 12:44:09 –

The second week of Summerfest is back on Thursday night, with roots rocker revivalists helping the headlining act kick off at this week’s Mirror Light Oasis. The New Orleans-based 8 Piece hasn’t appeared in the festival for five years and has only appeared once locally since then. There have been many changes in the meantime, but the band maintained their energy and moved a relatively small but energetic crowd on weekday nights.

With eight components, including two drummers, a rap steel guitar and brass, there was no shortage of action on stage. This included a vocalist David Show who preferred to cover as much ground as possible in the oasis and stand on the front speakers to get as close as possible to the Millwalky crowd. The band is hooked on the fan’s favorite “You Said It All” and is a good place to sing along with the chorus. It set the night tone because every song on the set has a human reverb element and loyal fans echo the lyrics all at once. They will do so on most of the one-hour main set.

With the exception of the neon revival logo that shines in the background, there was little to get in the way of Thursday’s additional production, and frankly, I didn’t have to. Shaw’s Banter was also quite limited. Music was the center of the experience, and everyone at Miller Lite Oasis knew it. Revival players are record solid, but the additional element of being particularly tight in a live environment takes their material to a new level. That doesn’t mean the band wasn’t having fun. The rhythm section clearly influenced each other, and lap steel guitarist Ed Williams interacted with as many people as possible while sitting. The show also took saxophonist Rob Ingraham to the front speakers to perform a big solo of “Celebration”. This further enlivened the audience just before closing the set.

The core one-hour set fits quite well with the recorded version of The Revivalists in terms of song length.Occasionally the band will jam in the cut section from the 2014s Man in the mountains And follow-up Be carefulHowever, there were many who pleased the crowd to work on the music of the tight time. But with their encore, things will be much looser. The three songs, “Hurricane Winslow,” “Catching Fireflies,” and the breakout hit “Wish I Knew You,” totaled more than 20 minutes as the band took a walk through a particularly lively section of these selections. increase. record. Unsurprisingly, the oasis crowd ate up the party atmosphere and dug a ditch on a warm Milwaukee night through an extended track.

Revival players are the most enjoyed band on the live stage, and they showed it on Thursday night. In addition, they adjust the set to give fans the absolute maximum from the show, and they can deliver that night to the night.

Allen Harras

Allen Harras is a lifelong Milwaukee who has been involved in local music for over 15 years. He is an avid Milwaukee Bucks follower and a general supporter of everything the city must offer. Find him on social media: @AllenHalas.

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July 1, 2022

11:44 am

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