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Arlington, Texas 2021-02-23 15:00:24 –

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On Saturday, the county committee met and reduced parking permits for some residents while paving the way for advancing county and school budgets.

The county committee resisted the urge to raise the real estate tax rate because home valuations rose 5.6% from last year. This means that the average Arlington homeowner will pay $ 382 more tax already this year, in addition to the newly proposed one. Rainwater tax. This increase in housing offsets the decline in commercial reputation. The board is also looking forward to a new round of federal COVID spending to backfill local needs.

One of the proposed budget savings is to eliminate 56 currently vacant positions. Many residents may oppose the decision not to hold 10 police officer positions and the reduction of 9-1-1 dispatches.there were 16 car jacks in Arlington 2020, just three years after the last two years.

You can check out Complete budget here Or Summary presentation here..

Arlingtons will also see the school budget proposed later this week, but county budget documents suggest that they will not see a significant increase in income. It will be interesting to see if APS expects those students to return with enrollments 10% higher than expected for the current academic year.According to Durand’s latest presentation, we know that Arlington is operating as planned. $ 6 million surplus Even after paying the COVID mitigation measures, this year.

Schools face the very real challenge of a lost year of learning. Not all students were late, Many people did.. We encourage superintendents and boards of education to use the current situation to assess not only the needs created by virtual learning, but also how they will return when preparing students academically. hoping.

New parking permit program Reduce the permit for those who have a driveway from 4 to 2. It doesn’t matter how many cars you can actually use the driveway. It doesn’t matter how many people of driving age live in the house.

This is unlikely to cause distress to many families, but for families with retired parents living with them or with adult children who work while returning home from college or living at home. Inflexible. Libby Garvey, a member of the county committee, specifically denied these concerns. Her reaction was that children returning from college in the future would probably not have a car. In my personal experience, many of them actually have cars and may no longer have a place to park.

The county committee should consider amending the plan to allow families to apply for additional permits in certain circumstances, at least before the changes take effect on July 1.

Mark Kelly is a longtime resident of Arlington, a former Arlington GOP President, and a two-time Republican candidate for the Arlington County Commission.

The Right Note: County Board ‘Highlights’ Source link The Right Note: County Board ‘Highlights’

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