The robots are coming: Automation taking more jobs from people – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-09-27 07:30:07 –

Life was already automated, but thanks to labor shortages, robots are working in new places such as restaurants and grocery stores.

Charlotte, NC — Almost everything was automated in 2020 and life was already in that direction, but the COVID-19 pandemic is essentially Pressed fast forward button about the need for better technology..

But could all of this new technology be robbed of your salary? Let’s connect the dots.

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Are robots endangering work?

Pandemics have led to a major push for automation and smart technology.Economist International Monetary Fund Especially in the service industry, automation has exploded.

The machine is receiving orders, Throw pizza dough Sort the products at the grocery store. And there are two benefits. In 2020, robots allowed more workers to stay home and prevent exposure to COVID-19. And now, as companies face a shortage of staff, they are closing the gap.

Millions of jobs at risk

But that automation is scary for the millions of people who depend on those jobs. According to experts, women and older employees are particularly at risk of being let go, as they are more likely to do jobs that are currently automated.

Replacement or retrain?

Economists say that robots and human workers can coexist. It depends on how the company responds. Focusing on retraining rather than changing employees can give you more flexibility and even better salaries for everyone.


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The robots are coming: Automation taking more jobs from people Source link The robots are coming: Automation taking more jobs from people

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