The romance of “Hart of Dixie” was like FNL’s Taylor coach Tami.

George Tucker may have been unlucky with Lemon Breeland and Dr. Zoehart, but he eventually found his Southern Bell in Anabesnas.

The best love triangle in the history of television

“Oh, George Tucker. He was romantic in every way. ” Scott porter Speaking exclusively We weekly.. “I think the relationship with Anabes is very strong. And something that is very organic and that came out of both left fields and immediately felt very right. I can’t believe they wouldn’t be together. . “

The 41-year-old Porter was a lawyer in Bluebell, Alabama. Dixie’s heart, Performed over four seasons from 2011 to 2015. At the end of the series, he changed his career to become a music manager, Anna Beth (Caitlin Black).

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“Being romantic doesn’t mean you’re heading straight into a marriage you don’t believe in. It may take some time to get there, but he’s done with his relationship with Anabes. It was. ” Include Genie & Georgia The star explained. “And that doesn’t mean you’re probably holding a career that doesn’t satisfy you. It probably means that you leave behind a safe and stable situation to follow your dreams. No matter how old I am, it’s really a desperate romantic for me, and that’s why George became more comfortable as he grew older. “

“FNL” Cast: Where are they now?

Porter found it “very cool” for the couple to “travel together” on their own. He compared it Friday night light Director Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) And Tami Taylor ()Connie Britton). The actor played Jason Street in the drama Before joining the CW series.

Dixie Friday Night Light Romance Scott Porter Heart

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“It’s hard to believe that a competitive person like George can’t find success and new ventures. [while] She tried to think about what to do with her future.It ’s a coach or Situation of Tami Taylor with coach Taylor For so long, I had to put myself first. And towards the end of the series, he mercilessly said, “What do you know? I’m going to follow you now.” And let Tammy take the lead, “he explained. Did. We.. “And I think George and Annabeth probably have a lot of those qualities as well. He will let her take control and she will let him take control when needed. And that’s what you do. It’s a way to survive, and it’s a way for relationships to thrive, so I think he’s probably pretty successful in the field of music management and is still with Anna Beth today. “

Fictitious TV hometown

Dixie’s Heart Also starring Rachel Bilson (Dr. Hart), Jaime King (lemon), Wilson Bethel (Wade Kinsera), Cress Williams (Rabon Hayes) Tim Matheson (Dr. Brick Bryland). In December 2021, 39-year-old Bilson revealed her If the show comes back, you’ll be on board.

“To be honest, I hope so.” OC Alum said Distract At the time. “I have a very good feeling when thinking about the show. I also want to play Zoe. I love all my castmates. I know everyone, we have this special bond Everyone will want to do it just because they are doing it. I would love to do it if I have the opportunity. “

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The romance of “Hart of Dixie” was like FNL’s Taylor coach Tami.

Source link The romance of “Hart of Dixie” was like FNL’s Taylor coach Tami.

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