The Romance Writers of America Club Raises New Anger in Choosing the Biban Award: NPR

There is a saying that a friend with Louisiana roots has about people who continue to do the same, even while it continues to produce unfortunate results. According to my friends, those people saidStick to stupid things.. “

The Romance Writers of America Club, an industry group of writers who specialize in the genre of romance, must feel that way for now. After a stretch of racial calculations about the lack of organizational diversity in both leadership and award winners RWA has restructured the board and vowed to give better results.

And it’s somewhat. Boards are more diverse than before. More attention is paid to color writers. If the improvements did not have rocket-like orbits, they were moving in the right direction.

And the Vivian Award is …

And then came the first Vivian Award of the year. Vivian (formerly known as RITA) is, according to RWA, “the highest award for romance fiction” in several different categories. Past winners include best-selling Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.And none of the black writers won RITA Kennedy Ryan in 2019 (Last year, the award was awarded before his name retired), two prominent writers, historical romance writer Beverly Jenkins and contemporary romance writer Brenda Jackson, each received the coveted Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award. (2017 and 2012 respectively).

This year, Vivian in the “Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements” category was awarded to Karen Vitemeier. At the command of love, And many of its critics thought the RWA was stupid and stuck again. Witemeyer’s book says Washington post, “Starts with a depiction of the injured knee massacre that some readers and writers have criticized for making the Native American murder romantic.” I command you. Quoting the Bible as his rationale.. When the tribal religious leaders start chanting, Shot disappears Dozens of men, women and children are slaughtered in a firing order (intentionally, accidentally, or from whom?). The protagonist then seeks God’s forgiveness and eventually insists on his woman.

Critics say choice beautifies the genocide

The irony of choice did not escape some who took them to social media to protest: On Twitter, I shared an email sent by author Jenny Hartwell to RWA board members.: “Romance is flawed in heroes and heroines who find redemption through the transformative power of love. But who shouldn’t be redeemed? Nazis. Slave owners. Soldiers who committed genocide. This author Can you write this story? “” Hartwell continued. “Of course. Freedom of speech is important. But should the organization give the story the highest award? Absolutely not.”

Others have resigned from RWA membership.. One member, Bronwin Parry, served as a judge for Vivian. “I have been very excited about the VIVIAN Awards and strategies for cultural change implemented by the RWA Board over the last two years,” said Parry. In a statement on her website.. She expressed joy in the variety of offerings in the categories she judged — award-defined goals — but she was disappointed when all finalists were white women (including her). Did.when At the command of love Selected as a winner She asked to withdraw her book from the final review And her name was removed from the list of finalists.

Vivian was actually named Vivian L, the founder of RWA. Stephens, Dell in the late 70’s, founded Harlequin’s Romance Line in the early 1980’s, an African-American with publishing experience aimed at reflecting the whole of America.One of the current awards for Stevens’ work should be awarded to a romance that begins with the blood of the indigenous people (and in the year of hundreds of revelations). Indigenous Canadian death When Here are some The so-called Indian boarding school shocked North America) — Almost too much for some.

RWA cancels the award … but what’s next?

A few days after the controversy, RWA withdrew Vivian At the command of love.. “RWA fully supports the rights of the First Amendment,” the organization said in a statement.“But as an organization striving to continually improve its support for left-behind writers, it portrays the inhumane treatment of indigenous peoples and romantically describes the real-world tragedy that still affects people. We cannot conscientiously support the judge’s decision to vote to celebrate the book. To date, RWA has withdrawn the Vivian awarded to book finalists. At the command of love.. “

As many tweets since this latest controversy exploded, RWA is still quite deadlocked. From now on, RWA members and others are watching to see if the organization can get out of the rut.

The Romance Writers of America Club Raises New Anger in Choosing the Biban Award: NPR

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