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(Dagjesop’s UTAH Success Story-ABC4 News-Salt Lake City, Utah) Fuel prices are rising up And the quality of the air goes down, Drivers across the country are looking for ways to help their notebooks and the environment.

You need your engine 4 things: Air, fuel, sparks, and combustion.

Mechanical engineer Phil Rawlings has been using high performance engines for over a decade. He told me; “Fuel and air need to be mixed properly. If you do it right You can actually get performance and fuel economy at the same time. “

Utah inventor Dan Whittington understood an elusive combination of performance and fuel economy called a computer-controlled electric air intake. Venom Aire.

Dan is clearly passionate about his products. “What I like about this product is There is no downside.. Improve emissions, improve fuel economy and improve performance. “

The· off road The community has been using Dan’s products for years.

Jeff Melvin is one of his repeaters. As the owner of the HVAC company, Jeff knows a few things about airflow. He lifted the hood of this jeep and said, “Do it three times. It gives you more mileage, and it gives you a little more horsepower, 30 percent. You can always take in colder air. “

What people may not know is that everyone from soccer moms to luxury transportation services is using this product now. Increase power While helping the environment by Use less fuel..

People towing boats and trailers are also participating.That little extra horsepower and torque Lifesaving.. Conradgram encountered a close encounter with Moose, who summed up his Airstream.

Conrad showed me some pictures of a nasty accident that barely missed his car. He explained; “Moose was heading right towards the window where my girlfriend was, I didn’t want it to hit. With that extra power Venom Aire gave me Being gave me just enough power to get out of the way of the moose. Was very close.. “

What is Dan Wittington’s dream goal? He smiled and told me. “I hope some manufacturers will get this product and help me in some way. Save the earth.. “

Sounds like A good dream to me.

Everyone has a story. I feel strongly “The story has power.” If you are experiencing something, maybe someone else is doing so too. The experiences we humans share can help each other.That my friend is telling the story “Help us understand each other.”

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but in my opinion, if people take more time to know more about others and where they are coming from, we have more similarities than differences. You may notice that there is.

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The secret to better gas mileage while increasing engine power. Source link The secret to better gas mileage while increasing engine power.

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