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Cleveland, Ohio 2020-10-18 12:07:26 –

Washington (NEXSTAR) —The Senate will vote this week for a $ 500 billion “skinny” economic recovery bill that does not appear to include an additional round of $ 1,200 direct payments to Americans.

Majority leader Mitch McConnell has announced plans to vote on Wednesday. He said the bill would include funding for schools, increased unemployment benefits, and additional funding for salary protection programs.

“No one thinks this $ 500 billion or more proposal will solve all problems forever,” McConnell said in a statement on Saturday. “While Washington continues to discuss the rest, it will now provide workers and families with enormous amounts of additional assistance.”

The “lean” bill is in stark contrast to the much larger package, which includes an additional $ 1,200 direct payment pushed by President Donald Trump, and leads the GOP as well as between Democrats and Republicans. There are also disparities within the department.

When the Senate votes for this bill this week, it’s mostly symbolic. Democrats are on record saying they are not interested in a small-caliber approach to virus relief.

Last month, the Democratic Party submitted a Republican-draft aid bill, which did not include another round of direct payments to Americans. Many advances.

Mr Mnuchin finally told CNBC that the pre-election coronavirus bailout bill could be a problem, if not unlikely.

“At this point, it will be difficult to get something done and do it before the election,” Mnuchin said.

Mnuchin said progress had been made on certain issues, but “far away” on other issues.

“Don’t wait for the big bang, where everything is perfect,” Mnuchin told CNBC. “I disagree with the speaker’s approach that we have to do everything or nothing. We are continuing to negotiate a comprehensive bill, but now we want to fund the economy. . “

According to the Washington Post, Pelosi and Mnuchin continued to discuss spending deals between $ 1.8 trillion and $ 2.2 trillion on Saturday. Mr. Trump said he would support further, and Republicans “agree” at the town hall with NBC on Thursday.

“They will go,” he told moderator Savannah Guthrie. “I didn’t ask them because I couldn’t get through Nancy Pelosi.”

So far, it seems unlikely that Republican Senators willingly “go.”

Senate McConnell and his colleagues showed little or no interest in a bill larger than the $ 500 billion proposal they were rolling out. Many politicians speculate that Republicans are concerned about cutting large spending bills in a polarized Pelosi just weeks before Senate control falls into the hands of voters.

Along those same lines, experts wonder if Pelosi will close the deal with the Republicans within three weeks of the tough presidential election. Stimulation checks have been widely promoted by the Democratic Party, but can also be seen as a presidential victory. When the first round of checks was distributed, Trump’s signature was on each payment. If Trump could distribute a second bailout while people were heading to polls for early voting, it would certainly be something to brag about before the election.

In a letter to her, Pelosi said, “Flies flying to the walls of the presidential office and elsewhere only want the president to put his name on a check and raise the market before the election day. He taught me that. ” Last week’s colleague.

She defended her hardline position, claiming that Democrats were more leveraged than ever before. However, the risk of appearing empty-handed until next year is very real.

Discussions on the latest potential round of COVID bailouts began in July, collapsed in August, and revived last month. Two weeks ago we saw Trump disrupt negotiations and revive them towards the weekend. They recreated the crater last weekend after Trump’s latest $ 1.8 trillion proposal broke out from both Democrats and Trump’s Republican allies.

Republicans are smaller, more targeted aids that allow endangered party members to once again support and record aid, even if they are new to Democrats and opposed to Trump. Returning to offer.

“What I’ve heard from Senator McConnell is that I’m happy to pick it up again, and the opposite is what I’ve heard from the President,” said Senator Dick Durbin of D-Ill. “Can the two sit and agree? Isn’t that a breakthrough?”

Some Democrats are confident that Joe Biden is ready to regain the White House and have the ambition to provide Pelosi with help now, rather than the economy continuing to struggle without help until next year. Pressure to make a trade. Pelosi’s reaction was to gather statements from many committee chairs who criticized the administration’s latest offer.

“If Congress doesn’t act, the next president will take over the real turmoil,” said Jason Furman, a Harvard economist who was former chief adviser to President Barack Obama. “If Mnuchin’s offer was passed by the Senate, it would be a huge” if “and much better than waiting to get more in January. “

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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