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Tucson, Arizona 2021-11-25 03:00:00 –

Opponents of Governor Doug Ducey’s significant tax cuts against the highest-income earners in Arizona won a big victory last week.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, a referendum effort requiring voters to approve income tax cuts eligible for the November 2022 vote.

Ducey tried to market tax cuts as a boon to all Arizonas, which overwhelmingly favors Arizona’s top earners. According to an analysis by the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, people with incomes of $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 will receive an average annual tax cut of $ 39. However, anyone with an annual income of $ 500,000 to $ 1 million can enjoy a $ 7,306 tax cut.

Now, some say that those who bring home more than 500,000 people a year deserve a tax cut that is 187 times higher than a hut that earns somewhere in the state’s median income. Did the crust surprise your spouse with a Lexus on the driveway this Christmas?

But skinny is to people who thrive despite the global epidemic when the state has a lot to do with its fabric, from highway investments to affordable housing initiatives to school improvements. I find it ridiculous to give $ 1 billion a year. (The whole “school improvement” is a difficult sale because the state actually limits the amount of money that can be spent on annual education, but those teachers fall into the brackets that can afford to send their children to college. You wouldn’t want that.?)

Assuming the bill remains in the vote, there is ample time to scrutinize this topic from now until November 2022.

But that is not certain. There is no doubt that the ruling class, represented by the fat cats of the Free Enterprise Club, will fight white teeth and well-maintained claws and kick them off from Ballot. They have already filed two proceedings, including the fact that farmers do not have the legal right to challenge this large prize. Why are they so desperate to prevent people from voting for this? Can they suspect it’s not very popular?

Independent candidate Val Romero It seems that he lost a part of the Aloha spirit after being defeated by the 6th ward city council member. Steve Kozachik Early this month. Romero, a politically unknown and grill salesman, was blown away by Koz by 30 percent points.

Indeed, the deck was stacked from jump to Romero. With one exception, it takes more than half a century back to find an example of a Democrat elected in a normal election cycle losing a seat in the council. Sure, the Republicans got vacant seats, the Democrats lost their seats in the 1970s recall, and the appointed Democrats lost in the primary, but the elected Democrats barely lost. The only exception was 2009, when the then Republican Party Kozachik defeated the first Democratic Party. Nina Trasov.. Koz then began an interesting feud with Republicans in the Arizona Capitol before finding a new home for Democrats.

Kozachiku is frank and talks about what he is thinking. He was so popular that in his last two elections he abandoned funding and was less interested in traditional campaigns, a unique way of withdrawing money from politics. (This year, Koz enjoyed support from an independent campaign where donors extend to car dealers. Jim Click Former Democratic Mayor Candidate and Downtown Developer Randy Dorman.. )

The important thing is that Val started from the hole and continued to dig. He made no effort to open a courtroom for crossover voters and instead focused on mask and vaccine demonstrations, which were of little popularity among Tucson’s Democratic bases.

So it’s not surprising that the race doesn’t end.

When the final results were announced, Romero spoke to a dozen supporters he generously called “our base,” promising a future political victory.

He and his campaign manager then rebuked the crowd for various vague claims of the stolen elections, meaning that the anomaly was fooled by their legitimate victory, so they are not going to make concessions. Told.

They do not want to take legal action for these anomalies. They see what happened with Cyber ​​Samurai and know that it was the cause of their loss. But next time, we hope that the volunteers from the campaign will join the aggregation team. This is anything, not how this works.

Stop living in Val, a fantasy land. If you lose 30 percentage points, it’s not a fraudulent election. You just smoke. And the inability to stand up and face your loss makes you even more pathetic.

Koz was the usual dull self when he responded to Romero’s allegations of election theft.

“If Val believes he’s really anomalous, he and his little group of science denials should rush in and have Cyber ​​Samurai look into it,” he said. “It will continue his clown show and continue the embarrassment that the entire story of’election fraud’is for Arizona. In the meantime, the staff and I have something to do. ”

The Skinny: Beat the Rich: Referendum effort to block Ducey’s tax cuts for the rich makes the ballot | The Skinny Source link The Skinny: Beat the Rich: Referendum effort to block Ducey’s tax cuts for the rich makes the ballot | The Skinny

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