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Surfside, FloridaWPTV)-In a 40-year-old building in Surfside, Florida, Partially collapsed early Thursday morning I was planning to go through a recertification process this year.

Dozens of association members living in Champlan South Towers Condo have not yet been described.

A lawyer representing the association said a recertification would take place, but work had not yet begun.

Many families still want to hear from their loved ones, staring at the rubble that remains on the northeastern side of the Champlan South Towers Condo.

“The first and most important thing I want to say is that they will be a lot of questions, and there aren’t many answers yet, but today and tomorrow and the next few days are first and foremost about inhabitant accounting. Someone who hasn’t been discovered yet ” Ken Director said, A lawyer representing the Champlan South Towers Association.


Ken Direktor describes the reauthentication configured to occur in the building.

The Condominium Management Companies Association consists of the board of directors that runs the association and the residents who govern the resident-owned buildings.

Recently, Direktor, a shareholder in Becker and Polyakov’s law firm, said the association hired engineers to pass the 40-year recertification program required by the local government.

“As far as I know, the engineering plan is virtually over. The way 40 years of certification works is to build plans and specifications based on what engineers have found in the inspection and work with local builders. Make sure they accept the plans developed by the engineers, “said Direktor.

According to the surfside town’s building department website, professional engineers hired to perform electrical and structural inspections of buildings need to complete a report for the town to review and approve.

“Engineers have been looking at this building for months and there was clearly no sign of something like this coming,” Direktor said.

Surfside building collapse

Associated Press Photo / Wilfred Lee

Household items and debris hang from a partially collapsed high-rise beachfront condo on Thursday, June 24, 2021 in Surfside, Florida.

WPTV Requested a recent inspection and permit pulled for the building from the surfside town.

Direktor said he hadn’t contacted an engineer or town official yet.

“My focus today is to keep in touch with the association presidents and managers on a regular basis to see what they need and can do,” says Direktor.

WPTV called a professional engineering company and left a message. Direktor said the association has signed a recertification program.

It is unknown whether the engineer submitted the completed inspection report to the surfside building department.

They are among the unanswered questions as the family is still waiting for news of their missing loved ones.

This story was originally reported by Michelle Quesada on WPTV.com.

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