The Taliban accuses the United States of having one million Afghan children facing death from starvation

Kabul, Afghanistan — There is less pain for parents than for sick children. Six-month-old Sophia suffers from severe anemia due to acute malnutrition. Her mother, Arezo, told CBS News Imtiaz Tyab that her family didn’t have the money to feed a little girl.

CBS News said her father was desperate for Tiab after seeing Sophia being treated at the Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul.

“I need food,” he said sobbing. “I have five children. They are all very hungry.”

Afghan mother Arezo speaks with her daughter Imtiaz Tyab, who is undergoing emergency treatment for severe anemia due to malnutrition at the Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul on October 18, 2021.

CBS News

Hunger and poverty are stalking AfghanistanChildren have been in power for decades, but since the Taliban seized power two months ago Deep humanitarian crisis..

According to the United Nations, more than one million children will die of malnutrition if humanitarian aid does not come soon.

Signs of despair are already everywhere in the country. CBS News has visited the World Food Program distribution center funded by USAID, which is full of people who crave food, but can only serve two staple foods.

Humanitarian crisis is imminent in Afghanistan


“People come here because they are hungry and need food, but you can only give them flour and salt,” Wahid Ahmad Darwesh, one of the center’s organizers, told CBS News. rice field. “Now, in this situation, it’s good for them-not enough, but it will save their lives.”

The Taliban arrived as Tyab was talking to Darwesh.

“Sorry, as you see, the Taliban cause problems every day,” the aid worker apologized. The militants told him to stop talking to our CBS News team and that all camcorders had to be turned off.

After hearing one of the Taliban fighters ask his commander if they should be killed, Tyab and his colleagues left the aid distribution center.

Afghanistan is barely holding up while the Taliban seize power.

The Biden administration has already frozen about $ 9 billion in Afghan government assets, saying that, like other countries, future financial support will depend on proving that the Taliban has eased since its last administration. increase.

Taliban stop school for girls over 12 years old


The international isolation and blockade of domestic cash reserves has led Taliban leaders to limit cash withdrawals at banks. Most workers in the country have not been paid for months.

During the 20 years of US-led military involvement in Afghanistan, the country’s economy was largely supported by US funding and other international aid. More and more Afghans rely on selling whatever they can, as there is little left to fill that void.

Tyab met a woman selling clothes on the roadside of Kabul. They were her children’s clothing.

“That’s all I have,” she said. She wanted to make about $ 1.

Robert Gates about the future of Afghanistan


Taliban chief spokesman Zabifra Mujahid told CBS News that the United States has blamed the country’s widespread poverty for freezing government assets that his group wants access to. Said. He said the resumption of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan should not be postponed beyond what other countries believe is widespread. Human rights violations..

Tyab asked Mujahid if the Taliban could resolve the humanitarian crisis and save the lives of one million children without US assistance.

On October 18, 2021, a young child in Afghanistan is seen being treated for malnutrition at the Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan.

CBS News

“On the one hand, they say one million children die, but on the other hand, the United States holds our money,” he said. “The United States should release our money so that we can save more children.”

World leaders are now promising $ 1.2 billion in aid to Afghanistan, but these funds haven’t helped much to recover a needy economy from crisis, helping children like Sophia. Not enough to help. Of the crisis they were not involved in the creation.

The Taliban accuses the United States of having one million Afghan children facing death from starvation

Source link The Taliban accuses the United States of having one million Afghan children facing death from starvation

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