The turmoil of 2020?US News Jamie Harrison Puts Lindsey Graham at the Center of US Senator Battle

JSouth Carolina’s US Senate Democratic candidate, aime Harrison, raised a staggering $ 57 million in the third quarter of 2020. This is a new record for a single Senate race in the Southern States and elsewhere in the United States.

However, Harrison’s race is also in the spotlight for many other reasons. His opponent is incumbent Lindsey Graham, a close ally of Donald Trump, and a cheerleader of the president’s voice. In conservative South Carolina, Graham intends to ensure that he retains his seat, especially against the lesser-known black Democrats nationwide when anti-racist protests uproar the United States. Was being done.

However, 2020 is not a regular election year. Not only did Harrison set a new funding record, but his polls caught him in an unexpected controversy without anyone seeing it as vulnerable to the Republicans. In itself, it can help Democrats win in the Republican-controlled Senate. This is unlikely to be a year ago and could radically change the direction of American politics.

Harrison’s candidacy is historic and has received a great deal of public attention. If he defeats Graham, South Carolina will be the first state to sit with two African-American senators. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is one of the few African-American Senators in the Chamber of Commerce and the only Black Republican. Other states have been represented by African Americans, but never at the same time. Since its founding in 1789, it has 1,974 US Senators and only 10 blacks.

South Carolina has, surprisingly, emerged as one of the best opportunities for Democrats to win the three or four seats needed to regain control of the Senate. There is a keen interest in the White House competition, but the battle to rule the Senate will have a major impact on the shape of the next president.

If Trump wins the president, but the Republicans lose control of the Senate, it will severely limit the laws he may pass. Similarly, Biden was supposed to beat the White House, but if Democrats failed to gain control of the Senate, many of the new president’s legislative programs would die when they arrived in Washington, DC. Means.

Molly Reynolds of Brookings, a DC-based think tank, recently said: “Presidential elections capture most of the recent election-related headlines, but a series of major Senate races are critical to their ability to govern if former Vice President Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump. Will bring good results. “

It wasn’t long ago that the prospect of the Democratic Party taking control of the Senate seemed a bit strange. However, the changing dynamics of the 2020 race helped the Senate.

The influx of campaign finance that surpassed South Carolina Republicans is reflected elsewhere. Democratic candidates on the list of various states, including Maine, Montana, Colorado, Iowa, and certainly red Kansas, have a healthy loot in the last few weeks before the November 3 elections. I have an item.


A 44-year-old South Carolina Democrat has been in the Democratic circle for years. But that didn’t start. Harrison was born when his mother was 15 years old. His father was his mother’s high school boyfriend and was out of the picture for most of his childhood. His grandparents played a big role in raising him. Harrison grew up poorly in the tens of thousands of towns of Orangeburg and graduated from Yale University with a scholarship and Georgetown University Law School. Harrison was a teacher, chairman of the Democratic Party of South Carolina, an aide to South Carolina Parliamentarian Jim Clyburn, and a lobbyist.

The Harrison-Cliburn relationship has benefited South Carolina. Cliburn was the most influential African-American Democrat in Congress, and his support was key to reviving Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in the Democratic pre-election. Cliburn is cautiously optimistic about Harrison’s chances.

“I think things are in his favor, if we get the turnout that we’ve been working on in South Carolina,” Cliburn said in an interview with Politico.

Initially, the 2020 South Carolina Senate race looked like a long shot to Democrats. The Republican Party has managed both Senate seats in the state for 15 years. But for Graham and Trump, and for others, the close relationship with the late Arizona Senator John McCain, and the current Supreme Court’s defense of Brett Kavanaugh at the Judiciary Confirmation Hearing, is the Republican and Democratic Senate. It is due to a strong hostility towards the Senate. Graham is also a golf companion to Trump.

“I think there are two main reasons we’re here, one is that the Democrats are enthusiastic about controlling the Senate and seizing power,” said the Republican Party of South Carolina. Strategist Walter Wessel said.

Mr. Wessel said Democrats “hate Lindsey Graham for going to Kavanaugh. They look down on this guy. They want revenge. They want revenge. And these The combination of the two is like smoking at a fireworks stand. Will it explode? “

…… ..

In an interview with Guardian Harrison, he pointed out that Graham’s seat was occupied by some of the loudest separatists in American history. It would be a dramatic contrast for African Americans to inherit it.

“The seats I’m fighting for also have their own history. This is the seat of John C. Calhoun of Strom Thurmond, a man called Ben Tillman who talked about lynching blacks in the US Senate. is.”

Harrison’s recent fundraising campaign shows what the Democratic Party campaign in South Carolina can do. like that Huge amount of money. Harrison said his campaign is a full-scale effort to win Democratic seats and plans to use the money to flood the zone.

The latest polls on Senate races show a low single-digit margin between
Harrison and Graham. A poll from the New York Times / University of Siena for the race, released Thursday, found Graham leading Harrison by 6 percent.

Harrison’s chances in South Carolina depend in part on whether enough Republicans have decided not to vote for Graham. This is done by not voting at all or in favor of former Constitutional candidate Bill Bledsoe. And he supported Graham.

Senator Lindsey Graham will leave the White House for a round of Donald Trump and golf at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, in July.Photo: Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Harrison said his party’s success in traditionally conservative state competition was due to a changing variety of candidates nominated by the Democratic Party.

“We’re really competing. People who can reflect, motivate, and invigorate the party’s foundation, but also appeal to the state’s Independence Party and moderate Republicans, as well as the Republican Light. We’re in place. That’s part of it, “Harrison said.

Harrison continues. “But some of the anchors we have are that the Southern Democrats aren’t properly funded, so candidates like me and Stacey Abrams and Beto O’Rourke usually do. We have to do the same thing as we do, we also have to do more party functions[s] In the same way. My time as party chairman is very proud to have spent the last few years rebuilding and revitalizing the party. But it does not take into account years of lack of proper resources. So you need to back up everything. “

According to Harrison, African-Americans are leaving the “Midwestern industry” and returning to the south, partly due to vital changes. White college-educated retirees are also moving to urban areas of the state, which definitely tend to be democratic.

“A white college-educated retiree,” Harrison said. “They are gathered in places like Greenville and Charleston, South Carolina, and they also bring much more moderate politics, so it gives us the ability to compete.”

Jamie Harrison is working on the Democratic National Convention in the August video feed.

Jamie Harrison will address the Democratic National Convention remotely in August.Photo: Rex / Shutterstock

“That’s right,” Harrison said when asked what he thought of South Carolina’s prospects for becoming the first state to have two black senators.

“It is an indication of the progress made in this country and there has been a lot of progress. I have been saying in the field. This is to close the book in the old south and write a brand new book in the new south. About, “Harrison said.

He went on to outline the vision. “Bold, inclusive and diverse. That’s right. When thinking about the history of the country, the first black senator came from the south. So why welcome two African-American senators from the south? Isn’t it the first state? “He said. “It makes a lot of sense to me. We are happy to be able to pull it off and make history.”

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